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Add Essential Oils to your Back to School Shopping List

When some people think of essential oils, they just think of creating nice scents for their home or environment, but essential oils do much more than smell good.

I would like to introduce Oilogic® to you.  These are affordable essential oils that were created by moms for their families .  Oilogic® products are sold in bundles and individually.  You can check out all of their products and bundles on their website.

With Oilogic, you can easily and affordably tap into the power of natural Essential Oils and don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals and other yucky stuff, allowing you to feel good, while your little one feels better.  With Oilogic, you can go back to doing what you do best - loving and nurturing your family.

Check out my video, highlighting some of the products available!

The 2019 school season is nearly here, so it’s time to prepare your beloved little ones for a new semester, some new friends and possibly a new environment. When kids gather, dirt, virus, and disease may sneak in, but Oilogic Essential Oil Roll-Ons can help:

-          Nighttime & Sleep can help bring them back into the haystack after a     summer of sleepless nights.
-          Cold & Cough eases that first sniffle of the school year to keep them healthy.
-          Sneeze & Allergy to fight back allergens that are in the air at school.
-          Bug Bites & Itches to ease on itch or bite from a little-critter bite on your little one!
-          Starter Set to keep kids safe and relaxed on the trip.

And for parents, Oilogic also got your back. Oilogic’s Rest & Sleep will help get your sleep back on track, so you can wake up well rested, and with their Headache & Tension you have another solution with dealing with that back-to-school shopping list.

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Disclosure:  I received product to review.  This post contains affiliate links.

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