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Pound Puppies Are Back!

They’re back!  Those adorable puppies that stole many of our hearts back in the 80s Are Back again from Basic Fun and Hasbro! 

I can remember how popular Pound Puppies were back in the 80s.  My sister was so in love with herPound Puppy.  It looked just like the one I have pictured here, but was a mini version.  She took her pup everywhere! 

The new Pound Puppies come in a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes.  The puppies are so soft and squishy.  I first saw the new Pound Puppies at Toy Fair in NYC and was so excited to see them returning!  The new pups are very similar with softer materials.

Each Pound Puppy comes with their own carry case that they are boxed in.  They are perfect to use as a doggy bed or to take your pup with you wherever you go!

Check out my video review

Here is my unboxed Pound Puppy. I have to think of a special name for it.  What do you think I should name it?

Each Pound Puppy comes with its own Certificate of Adoption, so you can name it whatever you want!  You can even place the name on the dog's tag.

Pound Puppies make perfect  holiday gifts!

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Disclosure:  I received product to review for my honest personal opinion.


  1. I had a Pound Puppy when I was a little girl! This brings back so many memories. :-)


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