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Unique and One of a Kind Halloween Items from Deja Vu Designs

I would like to introduce you to DejaVu Designs.  The beautiful hand crafted pieces made by Deja Vu Designs are designed in Massachusetts, between the Boston and Cape Cod areas.  This peaceful area is the perfect spot for creativity.   Deja Vu Designs uses locally sourced materials, as often as possible, as they care about their environmental footprint and want to support their local merchants. You can find many unique and up-cycled designs on the Deja Vu Designs website. 

DejaVu Designs' collection of sea glass jewelry and accessories feature sea glass collected from Boston's scenic Harbor Islands and the rocky shores of Maine's Casco Bay. The pieces are understated and elegant, yet call to mind the whimsicality of a summer's day on the beach. 
I received this beautiful one of a kind designed Agate Slice Ornament that can be used as a sun catcher from Deja Vu Designs that is so perfect for this Halloween season.  It can be displayed in a window, or even on a table.  This spider design makes the perfect Halloween decoration!  I love how beautiful the stone is and how the silver spider and silver wiring adorn it.  

DejaVu Designs' gemstone and mineral collection features a range of jewelry and accessories made from a great variety of stones and minerals, each of which is associated with different properties and effects. The pieces range from earthy to girly to sophisticated in appearance, depending on the design.

This beautiful Orange Camelian Stone Spider Hair Comb is a perfect adornment for Fall and Halloween.  I cant wait to create pretty hair styles with my new piece.  These pieces are made to order on the Deja Vu Designs site. 

All orders from Deja Vu Designs come beautifully boxed, along with a small card that explains the healing properties of each stone.  The Camelian stone represents Fortitude and is known as the Stone of One Love.  The Agate stone represents Personal Precision.
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In addition to the Seasonal items, you can also purchase other beautiful tumbled stone and sea glass designs, and jewelry pieces.

Disclosure:  I received pieces to review for my honest personal opinion.