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5 Essential Items For New Moms

Having a set of ready to go’ items for your new baby can be an absolute lifesaver. The shock of being a new mom can mean that many days of your maternity leave are spent recovering from the procedure of childbirth and getting to know your newborn. Buying the absolute essentials in advance means you will be well-equipped to cope with the duties of motherhood throughout your childs development. 

Once your child starts to move onto solids, feeding times will start to get messy. If you have a newborn in your arms, this may feel like a long way off, but the time will come around sooner than you think. Having some bibs that are ready to go will help you to keep your home and highchair tidy. You can also find BIBaDO dribble bibs, which protect not only your babys clothes but also the highchair – ideal for easy clean-ups. 

Portable changing pad
This is an unsuspected item to have in your armory, but if youre feeling ready to get out and travel with your newborn, they will come in handy. Portable changing pads allow you to quickly change a nappy, no matter what youre dealing with in terms of public toilets. It provides you with a safe, clean area to work from whenever you are out and about.

Collapsable baby bottle
For out and about feeds, a collapsible baby bottle is incredibly useful. As well as its practical uses, you will also have more room in your bag to work with. It can simply slide in and hide in your bag undetected until you need to use it

A large, multi-purpose bag
What this looks like to you will depend entirely on your personal preference. There are some of us out there who are devoted to rucksacks, whereas others might prefer a larger, beach-style bag that can be slung over the shoulder. A large bag, as opposed to a smaller handbag, is invaluable as a new mom. Diapers, wipes, hairbrushes, water, baby bottle and any other medical and personal necessities can be grabbed in moments. A bag that can carry all of this means you will never be caught unawares. 

Teething toys
It might seem early to invest in these, but the truth is you never know when your baby will start the process of teething. Its also something for them to clutch in the pushchair while you wheel them around on the grocery run. Some mothers will advise on chilled bagel or other foods to ease the discomfort for your baby, but you can actually buy specific teething toys for this. There are some chewy varieties that some mothers are evangelical about, but you may wish to purchase a few to pop in handbags and around the house in case of emergencies. 

Buying toys, pads, bibs, and other accessories for your baby throughout the growing and teething process helps you to be prepared. Purchasing them in advance means that at every cornerstone of development you can sweet to their aid, rather than making a last-minute dash to the supermarket.


  1. These are certainly all super important items for new moms. I loved collapsable bottles, especially when I was on the go and couldn't always carry a large diaper bag.


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