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5 Tips for a Day at the Beach with Kids

Photo by O-seop Sim from Pexels

A day at the beach is a fun way to spend time with your family, however when you have young children, you should always be prepared for your fun in the sun!   I can remember so many great trips to the beach or lake, with my family.  My mom always use to prepare our trips carefully, making sure to bring all of the essentials we would need for our day trips and vacations.  As I became a mother, I also made sure to have everything my family would need for our trips as well.  I want to share some tips with you for a safer day in the sun.

Here are 5 tips to keep your day at the beach safe and fun

1. Bring Sunscreen
Being in the sun is fun, but you should always keep your skin protected with a sunscreen that is strong enough to protect your skin.  Be sure to also have separate sun screen for your children, as their skin can turn to be more sensitive.

2. Invest in a Pop Up Shade Tent
While sunscreen can protect skin from harmful UV rays,  they can not provide shade.  Pop Up Shade  tents are a perfect way to get out of the sun when you, your kids, or your pets are feeling overheated.  These tents are also great for naps and a smart way to protect skin from sunburn.  

3 Pack a Cooler
Having cold beverages, healthy snacks and finger foods are always a smart way to save money at the beach.  Using dry ice is a smart way to keep your cooler, cold longer.  Be sure to pack water, fresh fruit and foods that can sustain little hungry tummies.  Small sandwiches or lunch kits are easy to pack.

4.  Bring Extra Towels
Sandy towels are extremely annoying, especially on wet skin.  Always pack extra towels in a sand proof bag so that when your beach towels become sandy, you can dry your little ones off comfortably.  Another smart tip is having a sandproof blanket or mat .  Many times, these mats and blankets are water proof and allow sand, dirt and dust to fall through without having to come back up through it.

5 Carry a First Aid Kit
Injuries can happen anywhere.  There are sharp shells  and rocks on the beach and in the water that can cut little feet easily.  You should always have a first aid kit which contains antiseptic cream, bandages, bandaids, aloe vera gel and sun burn relief products.

I hope these tips will help make your day in the sun more enjoyable.  Do you have any smart tips for a day at the beach?  Comment below!

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