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DIY Tips for Restructuring Your Bedroom to Alleviate Back Pain

Anyone suffering from chronic back pain knows just how hard it is to get through a single day without suffering tremendously. No matter how many OTC pain relievers and anti-inflammatories you take, you simply can’t move without debilitating pain. One thing that can help for that you would ever guess is restructuring your bedroom. Here are a few DIY bedroom restructuring tips to help you get that relief you are so in need of.
Start with Your Bed
You may not know it, but the root cause of much of your pain might just be the way you lay down at night. If you do not lie correctly, pressure is placed on the wrong part of your spine, and no matter how you twist and turn, you just can’t find a comfortable position. Even with a hospital bed, you can’t find the relief you need, but a static mattress made of foam to redistribute weight and pressure can offer a huge amount of relief. Check out to see a full line of mattresses suitable for any type of bed. This is something you can easily do yourself, probably with the help of someone who can lift and change out your mattress, but you don’t need a contractor to do it for you.
A Recliner Comes in Handy
Sometimes, you can’t even enjoy watching your favourite television show because the pain is so unbearable or you just can’t get comfortable. Many orthopaedists recommend a heated recliner. This not only helps to relieve the pressure on your spin in a reclining position, but the heat loosens those taut muscles and nervesFinding space for another piece of furniture might be a challenge, but you’ll miss that extra chest of drawers a lot less than your insufferable pain!
Invest in a Good Quality Hospital Bedside Tray
How many times have you tried to sit up too quickly trying to get up to fetch your reading glasses from the dresser on the other side of the room? Or perhaps you’re having a very bad day, and you simply can’t manage to sit at the table for breakfast or lunch. A good quality bed tray on wheels is a gift from above. You can keep everything you’d like at your side, from a glass of water to your reading glasses to that book you are so involved in. It slides nicely under your bed so that the tray overlaps so that everything is in reach.
An Assortment of Pillows to Top It Off
Finally, it also pays to invest in good pillows to support your back while sitting up as well as some to rest between your knees when you are laying down on your side. This, along with that pressure-relieving mattress mentioned above, can work miracles to redistribute pressure on that already painful spine. These are all easy fixes that can be done without the assistance of anyone except perhaps someone to move the furniture and mattresses into your homeIt’s well worth your effort to restructure your bedroom, as a bit of pain-free rest can help you manage your day to day life without undue suffering.


  1. Thank you for providing these ideas, ChattyPatty! I already have a memory foam mattress and use pillows to keep me propped in particular positions when I need the extra support, but I'd never thought about using a tray to keep things I need closer to me.


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