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Managing Your Morning Commute

Many people have a morning routine that gets them started and puts them in the right mindset for work. Unless you work from home, you should consider your morning commute as part of a healthy morning routine. Commuting can be frustrating, though. Here are a few tips on managing your commute so that it becomes a positive part of your morning ritual instead of a hassle to overcome.

Stay Informed About Construction

Few things are more stressful than getting to work late, especially when you left at your regular point that usually gives you plenty of time to arrive promptly. The extra traffic created by unexpected construction can be a contributing factor. Not only do you have to change your own route, but you also have to deal with other commuters whose days have been interrupted as well. Keep an eye out for variable speed llimit signs, and look up routes online before you leave home. You can either plan an alternate route or adjust your schedule to give yourself extra time to make the trek.

Adjust Your Seat Settings

When a commute is longer than you expected it to be, your body may feel the impact of remaining sedentary for a prolonged period of time. This is why it’s important to keep your car seat set at the perfect height for the best vision. You also want to keep it close enough to the pedals that you don’t have to overextend your legs to reach them but far enough away that you don’t feel cramped or crowded. Move the steering wheel to the position that is most comfortable for your grip. Your car is designed to adjust to you, so take the opportunity to make the settings work.

Find Relaxing Entertainment

People who are used to multitasking may find it difficult to sit for a prolonged time and just do one thing. This can make a long commute challenging. If you find yourself irritated about wasted time, adjust your perspective to see it as an opportunity to relax. Find a morning show on the radio that you like or listen to your favorite podcast. Crank up the music that energizes you and gets you ready to face your day. If you like to read, consider listening to an audiobook, and let your morning drive become the time you get the latest installment of a great story. You can reduce the stress of commuting by listening to something that you enjoy.
Commuting to your job may be inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be terrible. Following these tips can help you start your morning right.


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