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New! McCafe Frappe' Beverages are Perfect for On the Go

With Fall season upon us, I seem to hear about all of these pumpkin flavored drinks and all I think to myself is Yuck!  I am not a huge fan of pumpkin lattes or pumpkin spice beverages at all.  I know some of you are probably gasping right now, including my sister, who is a fanatic when it comes to her pumpkin flavored coffee.  She loves her pumpkin spice.  I am more of an ice coffee person.  As a matter of fact, when most people are waking up and making a fresh pot of coffee, I am usually running down to my local coffee shop for an extra large ice coffee with cream and Splenda.  

Recently, I was sent some new McCafe Frappe'  beverages to try.  I was excited to be given the opportunity because I love ice coffee so much. I must say they are very good.  They aren't overly sweet like some bottled beverages tend to be.  They have nice, coffee flavor with hints of vanilla, mocha or caramel, depending on which flavor you choose, with just the right amount of sweetness.  I love caramel coffee and this one tastes amazing.  The other flavors are just as good.  It looks like I have a new morning routine.  Now I can stay home, open my fridge and drink my ice coffee in my pajamas.

The McCafe Frappe' comes in two sizes including 13.7 and 40 ounce bottles.  The smaller size is perfect for drinking on the go, while the larger size is perfect for serving guests or keeping at home.

I have been a fan of McCafe coffees for quite some time and often order one when I am at McDonald's.  This new line of ready to drink Frappe' beverages makes me like the brand even more.  

Want to find out more about McCafe Frappe' and see where they are located in your area?  Check out the website for more info at

Which flavor are you looking forward to trying?


  1. I am not a fan of the pumpkin drinks myself. The McCafe drinks I have tried are all good.


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