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Why You Should Take a Trip to Italy

As countries go, Italy has it all. History, culture, food, great weather, stunning landscapes, you name it, Italy’s got it. With so much to see and do, Italy represents one of the best places in the world to take your next trip
It’s not only a great trip, but Italy offers so many learning experiences that you can’t possibly go to Italy and not come back inspired. No matter what it is you’re passionate about they’ve got it, so why not find out what Italy can do for you?

History and Classics
What better way to learn about the Romans than to visit the capital of the Roman Empire, Rome? This city was at the center of one of the most fascinating periods of history, and you can still breathe it in today. Of course, the Colosseum is the first piece of Roman architecture that springs to mind, but there’s are tons of other great sites to visit. Some favorites include the Baths of Caracalla, Castel Sant Angelo, and Hadrian’s Villa. 
This is an incredible opportunity for students to experience a bit of history up close. Therefore, why not consider the benefits of booking student tours to Italy? It is an absolute must-do trip especially for students who love history and the classics! And for many, it could be a once in a lifetime learning opportunity. 

Art and Literature 
Italy wasn’t just a world leader in art and literature during Roman times. It has been at the forefront of art and literature throughout its history and no more so than during the Renaissance. Some of the most famous names in history such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michel Angelo, and Rafael all hailed from Italy around this time and it’s no wonder why. This country is just dripping in art and you can’t help but be inspired by what you see.
Today you can take in Italy’s art on the streets, or in one of its many world-class museums. 

The Culture

• Food
You can’t help but think of Italy and immediately think of food. A love of food is woven into the Italian culture, and it’s reflected in the vibrant food markets and fresh ingredients that make Italian food so great. There’s much more to discover about Italy than just it’s food though. 
• The sights 
From the mountains and skiing of the north to the sun-soaked beaches and islands in the south, this is a diverse country with endless possibilities of exploration. 
• The people 
Once you discover the vibrant people of Italy, you’ll be counting down the days until you can return there again. 

If you’re studying Italian, then the best way to improve your skills is by practicing with native speakers and the best way to do that is by visiting Italy itself. By spending a short time in the country, you’ll be amazed at how much your language skills can improve just by 
The language plays such a big part in Italian culture and can be the gateway to understanding the Italian people. The more you understand the Italian language, the more you can understand the emotion and vibrancy of these great people.