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Beautiful Traditions and Cultural Inspired Bridal Statement Pieces

When you are planning your bridal ensemble, you may plan to wear jewelry pieces that are native to your ancestry background.  These pieces would make the perfect “Something New” or in some cases “Something Blue” items.  I wanted to put together some inspirational ideas for traditional wedding jewelry pieces for different customs and nationalities.


Irish brides traditionally wear claddagh rings worn on the left hand  with the crown of the ring turned toward the bride or groom to symbolize marriage.  Other traditional  jewelry includes beautiful Celtic knots or shamrock inspired pieces.  You will often also find Trinity Knots on many Irish wedding bands.  These knots are the Irish love knots.  It is not unusual for Irish brides to have emeralds in their wedding jewelry.

Did you know the phrase “Tying the Knot” originated with the ancient Celtic ceremony of hand fasting? This old Celtic tradition symbolizes the joining of two as one similar to the exchanging of rings today. The couple clasps their hands together and a brightly colored cord in the bridal party colors is wrapped around their hands as a symbol of their unity in marriage.

Indian brides wear the most beautiful and ornate jewelry pieces. Red Dot Jewels unique jewellery is the perfect handmade touch for any bride who wants to create the perfect look on her special day.

Traditional pieces worn by Indian brides include beautiful armless, bangles, earrings, necklaces, finger, nose and toe rings, head pieces, waistbands, pendants and anklets. The jewelry worn is dictated by the different cultures and regions. Each cultures follows their unique design works.

An integral piece of jewelry for many Indian brides is the Maang Tikka. It is a piece of jewelry that has a beautiful hanging ornament at one end and a hair pin at the other.


Italian brides are not supposed to wear any gold on her wedding day except for her wedding ring.  It is considered bad luck.  Italian brides are supposed to wear something old, new, something borrowed and something blue.  She is also supposed to wear something she received as a gift.  On my wedding day I borrowed a pearl necklace from my mother and wore a blue ribbon in my garter.  My shoes were adorned with floral clips which were a gift to me. 

Italian brides sometimes wear beautiful tiaras and headbands on their wedding day. These beautiful pieces are often adorned with rhinestones, pearls and crystals.


In Spain, women wear their engagement ring on the ring finger of their left hand, and their wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand.
One of the traditional customs in Spanish Catholic weddings is for the bride and groom to share 13 coins known as arras or unity coins, which represent their commitment to sharing the goods they have and will have in their future together.

What are Some traditions in your culture or family? 


  1. I think the Spanish/Mexican bridal veil, I think it's called mantilla, is really beautiful. I may not be of Spanish origin, but if I were a bride, I'd wear that!


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