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Are you looking for a way to introduce your little one to a new language?

Wordy Toys are quality hands-on bilingual toys. These wonderful toys are growing in popularity by the day and they are excited for their first holiday season! Wordy currently has double-sided animal puzzles in English/Spanish, French and Mandarin with new exciting product on the way!

There are no other products on the market like Wordy and parents looking to introduce their kids to a second language LOVE their brand. 

These bilingual two sided puzzles are beautifully illustrated and well made.  Each comes with their own canvas bag for travel and storage.

Wordy bilingual toys make a wonderful gift.

The Wordy Story

Wordy's Vision

By creating quality hands-on bilingual toys, Wordy's mission is to create a "World of Words". A world where kids learn to love words, languages and cultures through engaging toys that fill their environment.
"We're not trying to reinvent the wheel. We just want to write wheel on the wheel".

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You can find Wordy Toys on my Holiday Gift Guide.


  1. Love that thought that went into these toys - we should embrace being multi-cultural.

  2. Ilike a company that makes thoughtful learning toys. My nephews could learn greatly from these toys.


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