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Creation Crate Makes a Great Gift for Tech Loving Hobbyists

Are you looking for creative gifts that inspire and teach older children and adults?  Creation Crate is a tech subscription box that teaches electronics and coding.

I was sent a Creation Crate to review for my Holiday Gift Guide and I am impressed with how easy they make it for us to learn.  Each kit comes with every thing you need to create, and has a video tutorial to follow along.  This is good, constructive fun and a great gift idea for the holidays.

What Is Creation Crate?
Creation Crate is a tech subscription box that combines hands-on projects with online courses. Every month, receive a new electronic project and online course that teaches you components and programming used in real tech careers. Projects become progressively more challenging as you learn new components and commands.

Why Creation Crate?
We read, we listen, we memorize, but we still struggle to learn new things. There’s a better way. At Creation Crate, they believe people learn best through doing and creating. Their mission is to inspire your curiosity and help you realize your potential, as you solve real world problems with hands-on projects. Young or old, experienced or inexperienced, tech literate or tech illiterate—it doesn’t matter. The time to begin is now. To all the doers out there, they ask: what kind of world will you create?

Who Is It For?
Creation Crate is recommended for ages 12+. However, children as young as 8 years old have completed these electronics subscription with the supervision of an adult.

  • Parents that want to give their children a leg up in their technology education
  • Students that want a hands on experience outside of the classroom
  • Adult hobbyist that want to pick up a new hobby and skill
  • Homeschoolers looking for a way to include electronics and coding in their STEM curriculum

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  1. I have a couple of grandchildren that would love this, are you planning on
    doing or having a giveaway on one of these, if so can you tag me . Thanks

    1. Hi @tisonlyme143! Thank you for appreciating what we created here at Creation Crate. We are currently holding a giveaway until November 28th to win a free six month subscription. You can sign up using this link If you have any questions about Creation Crate or the giveaway, you can email with your questions. Have a great day!


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