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Creative Gifts Ideas for Your Favorite Artists

Are you looking for creative gifts for your future artist?  I have few unique items to share that I think they will love.  


Pix Perfect™ is a new pixel art platform where vibrant, BLINGIN' sequins are arranged on a pixel board to create shining masterpieces of favorite characters, animals, logos, and more. It looks like LED when the pixels move!  They're the first product to combine two hot trends; sequins and pixel art!  Fun enough for kids, but cool enough for teens and adults!

I was sent a kit to check out and I love how fun, shiny and creative, and simple it is to create!  I also love that it is a authenticated educational product.

Check out this fun demo

I had the opportunity to see Pix Perfect at Toy Fair in New York City where they won an award for Best of Toy Fair!  

Pix Perfect is more than just a craft.   It's a truly joyful experience because the end result is a unique piece of art that can be proudly displayed.  Check out how they come to life in the video below! 

Want more information about their award-winning products?  You can visit the Pix Perfect website or follow Pix Perfect on Instagram

You can find Pix Perfect on my Holiday gift guide!  

Purchase Pix Perfect 

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Creating with paper is fun! Resident is a fun product that's perfect for kids and adults alike. Lately the DIY (do it yourself) craze has taken over! This holiday season, why not give the gift everyone has been waiting for, a paper craft kit! With a Resident, DIY Paper Craft Animal Kit your secret Santa's esthetic will truly shine. You can proudly display this paper masterpiece anywhere in the home or office to add a bit of flare to room. These fun kits make a great family bonding activity and are great for any skill level. The kits range in price from $25 up.

You can practice assembling your Resident Paper Crafts and even watch instructional videos for help. 

Check out this demo video

The Resident Paper Craft Kit I received came with everything I need, along with instructions, to create this beautiful Lilly Bird.  This can be colored before assembling, or displayed in black and white.  Either way, it is a beautiful piece and will give any artist a sense of accomplishment and pride.  Follow Resident on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

You can find Resident Paper Crafts on my Holiday Gift Guide!

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