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Gift Ideas and Savings on Iconic Active Wear Brands This Black Friday

This is a sponsored post.  However, all opinions stated are my own.

Active wear essentials are always on my husband and son's wish lists for the holidays.  They practically live in the gym and are very active.  I am always looking for great savings on active wear brands like Adidas, who makes their favorite footwear and work out clothing. Every holiday I usually pick up a few new pair of sweats and tops for them to wear to the gym or for their runs.

I love to shop for sports wear.  Sports wear stores always have the things active wear and sports items that I am looking for in the styles and colors that I love. When your loved ones make lists, be sure to ask them to include sizes for footwear, bottoms and tops.

Getting huge savings is important to me when shopping, and I have a few tips that I use to save even more money during the holidays.  Here are some tips for you.  

Make a List

Make a list of all of the things you plan to shop for ahead of time and save the link for quick access.

Shop online at Slickdeals

When I shop through the Slickdeals  site, I get more savings on the already insanely low prices that I find online.  They direct you to some of the best deals you can find online.  Just search the item you are looking to purchase.  You can also search brand names and find coupons, discounts and insane deals.

Use a cash back credit card

If your bank offers a cash back card at the same rate as your current credit card, make a switch and start earning points on your purchases that can be converted to cash back and gift cards.

Here are some gift ideas for the workout lovers on your holiday list and that I hope are on sale this Black Friday:

Athletic Shoes

A good quality, supportive pair of running shoes, cross trainers or casual footwear are always a great gift and a good way of helping inspire your recipient to be more active or to continue to be active.  There are so many great styles, materials and colors to choose from.  

Workout Wear

Shorts, Sweatpants, and tops are a great gift.  Make sure to look for items that have wicking materials, which are modern fabrics that draw moisture away from the body.  They differ from cotton materials as cotton absorbs 7% of its weight in water, and polyester only absorbs about 0.4%.  Wicking polyster's large surface area picks up moisture and carries it away from your body and spreads it out so it evaporates easily on the outside of the fabric and keeps you cool and dry while working out.

Gym Bags

A good quality gym bag is a must and there are all different kinds to purchase, depending on your use for them.  There are specific bags for specific sports that are designed to hold equipment, and then there are bags for general use, which come in various sizes.  On days when my husband does his lifting routines, he takes a small bag to carry his grips, chalk, etc.


Active wear brands like Adidas make good looking outerwear.  There are coats, hats, gloves and more which are designed to be worn for outdoor sports.  They have ample room for movement, keep sweat away from the body, and keep you comfortable in freezing or warm temperatures.

Sports Watches

A nice quality sports watch makes a great gift.  There are watches that have timers, count steps and even  take blood pressure.  You can keep track of workouts if you are a runner on some sports watches and many can do even more than that with the aid of phone apps.  Some don't even look like workout watches!

Other Accessories

Don't forget about all of the accessories that are available for working out, like socks which make great stocking stuffers,  ear buds are a huge must, wrist wraps for lifting weights, hand weights, etc.

I hope this list of ideas helps to make your gift giving easier and more affordable!  Remember to check out slickdeals for savings on Black Friday!


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