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Give the Gift of Family Game Night with YULU Toys

Holidays are for family and friends to get together for fun gatherings and quality time.  Why not extend that fun with the gift of games?  Family game night is a great way to build family bonds, entice conversation and teach values and lessons in sharing while building cognitive skills. 

You can create so many great memories playing family games together.  There are so many  different types of games to play, but my favorites have always been games that are challenging.  They always create so many laughs.

YULU Toys has a fun assortment of games that are fun and challenging and perfect for gift giving.

Check out these great titles!  

Fish for Fish($19.99): Campers race to ‘spear’ and catch the most fish. Kids use the suction cup spear to collect as many fish as they can. Each fish has a point value, the player with the most points wins the game.

King of the Ring ($19.99)This fast paced, sumo wrestler themed action game challenges players to launch their characters up into the ring, knock others out of their way, all in a quest to be declared the king of the ring! 

Torch Run ($19.99)This obstacle course game puts your survival skills to the test! Each player overcomes different challenges and races against the clock to bring their torch from checkpoint to checkpoint.

Oops Scoops ($17.99) Take turns building the ice cream scoop tower on top of the shaking cone. If it topples over, you’re out! 

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