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Great Gifts for Hosts and Hostesses

We all have those family members and friends who love to entertain.  You know, the ones that are always throwing parties for every occasion.  I have some great gift ideas for those hosts and hostesses!

Innovia Automatic Retractable Paper Towel Dispenser

This innovative dispenser is available in both under cabinet and countertop models.  They are designed for convenience!  

Picture this: You’re in the kitchen with raw chicken juice dripping from your hands (eeewww!) or holding tight to a toddler who just used the grape jelly as finger paint. With one hand, you quickly reach for a paper towel and end up unwinding half the roll (which is now covered with raw chicken juice or grape jelly). It’s frustrating! It’s wasteful! It’s untidy! But, fortunately, it never has to happen again!

The Innovia Paper Towel Dispenser makes kitchen clean-up easier than ever. With just the wave of your hand, it dispenses paper towels on demand, just like the automatic paper towel dispensers you see in public restrooms. It’s the technology you didn’t know you needed but can’t live without — and it’s this holiday’s must-have kitchen gadget!

The Innovia dispenser can be used anywhere you need to quickly clean a mess - the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage, the craft room, and more! It’s compatible with most household paper towel brands, is available in a variety of colors, and comes in both countertop and undercabinet models. The Innovia Paper Towel Dispenser costs just $99.99 and can be purchased on Amazon or at

Check out this video demonstrating the Innovia

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The Slip Cover Company

The Slipcover Company offers a line of high-end slipcover products that make your furniture look brand new.  From chairs to sofas and even dog furniture, they offer a variety of fits and styles.

What better gift to give any host or hostess.  These slip covers are affordable and can add elegance to any setting.  They are available in a variety of colors and materials. 

Help keep furniture protected during those fun gatherings.  You can get more information about their product line at

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3 Tiered Serving Stand

Perfect gift for any hostess at heart. The design of this stand is unique as each tier stands on it own, giving the option to arrange the tiers to fit any table settings. The set also includes larger plates as there can be never enough space for food. There is also included 3 Small dishes for sauces to offer the most extensive set for entertaining in the market. The tier frame folds flat for easy storage

These trays are so convenient and beautiful to display with.  They take a table setting to the next level and are easy to transport.  


  1. Good ideas, especially the paper towel dispenser. I think you are right that it would make a great hostess gift. I want it for myself too.


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