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How to Make Travelling with Toddlers to Bali Smooth and Enjoyable

Have you set your sights on Bali as the next destination for your family holiday? If so, it’s normal to be feeling a bit anxious about it all - let’s face it, international travel with toddlers isn’t always smooth and easy. And it’s not just the travel; once you arrive in the destination, the trip can continue to go off the rails if you haven’t taken the proper steps to plan your family holiday.
So, before your talk yourself out of that family trip to Bali, here’s a look at some tips you can use that will ensure it’s a success.
It Starts with Careful Planning
Just like with any trip, a successful family trip to an international destination starts with careful planning. You want to be sure you take the time to consider everything, such what time your flight will be, how many stopovers you can handle, the area you want to stay in once you reach Bali, what style of vacation you want (beach vs something a bit more active and gets you out exploring), if you need transportation once in Bali, how long of a journey it is from the airport to your accommodation, how you will travel with a stroller and car seat, and so forth.
Choose Family-Friendly Accommodation
It’s really hard to have a great trip with toddlers if you don’t pick accommodation that is family-friendly. This style of accommodation offers amenities that cater to kids, keeping them happy, entertained, and safe. All of this means that parents will be able to relax and enjoy their stay that much more.
Take these Seminyak Villas as an example, which are meant to feel like a home away from home. These are private villas that give you all the space you could need with a young family. You can choose from one to four-bedroom villas, allowing the family to spread out and get comfortable. They are conveniently located near area attractions, shopping, and beaches. Not only that, but they are air conditioned, have private swimming pools, and feature modern appliances just like you would have at home.
Include Activities Throughout the Trip
While lazing around your private pool or on the beach may sound like perfection to you, keep in mind that, for toddlers,this is going to get really old really fast. With that said, it's a good idea to sprinkle in some activities throughout the trip. Even if it's just one activity a day, that still gives the kids something exciting to do.
Some of the best family-friendly attractions in Bali include the Bali Wake Park, which is a wake boarding park that is man-made; Monkey Forest where kids can actually get close to the monkeys; Bali Sea Turtle Society to watch the eggs hatch and be released; Finns Recreation Club which is a whole entertainment complex for families; and the Bali Zoo.
Setting the Trip Up for Success
Each of these tips will help you to plan a family trip to Bali that goes off without a hitch.