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Introducing Pale Blue, a Better Rechargeable Battery

Did you know that Americans throw away 10 million batteries every day?  That’s enough batteries to circle the planet four and half times! It’s time to put an end to waste and find new ways to keep our world beautiful.  

I want to introduce you to Pale Blue, the world’s first LiPo rechargeable smart battery. Unlike conventional rechargeable batteries,  Pale Blue is charged using a USB port, directly into the battery itself.  This super fast charging, high performance battery is available in AA and AAA.

The Pale Blue batteries charge in 2 hours, and have a longer lifespan than traditional rechargeable batteries.  Also,  you can get 1000+ charges out of these batteries, where in traditional you only get around 500.  Another advantage of these batteries is their output. The Pale Blue has a higher more consistent output with LiPo.

One 4 pack of Pale Blue Smart batteries can replace 4,000 alkaline batteries.  That’s huge savings both in your wallet, and in our landfills.  

I received a 4 pack of these batteries to try out and I have to tell you, they perform wonderfully.  They charged up quickly and performed perfectly.

You can learn more about Pale Earth Rechargeable Smart batteries by visiting their website at