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Serving Suggestions for Holiday Brunches


This post contains some affiliate links in which I receive a small commission if purchases are made

On the Rocks Gourmet Jams

On the Rocks Gourmet Jams infuse fresh fruit and premium alcohol to create a delicious preserve.. With such flavors as Peach Mango Moscato, Taste of Jazz Sangria, and a classic Strawberry Margarita, they're sure to delight a variety of palettes.. These jams are not only perfect for your biscuits and beignets but you can use them as a marinade on your grilled meats and as a condiment on your burgers! 

There three sizes available ranging from our mini jar (1.25 oz), small (4 oz.) and large 
(8 oz.) that are perfect for a small gift basket to a large package of goodies!  Check out their website at for additional information.

You can purchase items on their site or on Amazon

Free Your Tea

Free Your Tea is a personalized tea subscription that discovers and delivers teas tailored to taste! We have subscriptions with and without caffeine, paid monthly or prepaid 3,6,12 months, all between $16 and $20 per month.

We use our proprietary data on subscriber tea preferences and ratings to tailor teas to taste and help our subscribers discover new favorite teas.

Our personalized tea subscriptions are very popular gifts for tea lovers and others who like high quality food and beverages and/or health and wellness.

People love giving our tea subscriptions because
  • they know the recipient likes tea, but not which teas
  • they want the recipient to remember them with every delivery and cup of tea
  • they like being able to give now and pay monthly, or save when prepaying
  • they like scheduling the gift early and be done with it or do it last minute and say the tea ships when the recipient has shared their tea preferences with us (optional)
Our subscribers love our tea subscriptions because
  • they discover new favorite teas tailored to their taste
  • they get delicious and fresh teas delivered to their door
  • they learn about their tea preferences as they drink and rate different teas
  • they get to taste teas they've never had before like white tea, oolong, and pu-erh
To Purchase visit

Alpine Start Instant Coffee

Our company - Alpine Start makes a premium instant coffee perfect for adventurous souls, those who love to travel, backpackers, campers, busy parents, teachers - and well, everybody who loves coffee really. On top of that, premium instant coffee is all the rage right now! 

We were founded by a pro-climber (Matt Segal) who set out to change the game and create an instant coffee that actually tastes good. We start with a premium 100% high altitude Colombian arabica bean, gently process it to retain flavor, and package it up ready to dissolve in any liquid - hot or cold. 

We started with our Original Blend, a medium roast. This year we launched two new flavors inspired by our worldwide travels: our Coconut Creamer Latte and our Dirty Chai Latte. We just introduced our new 30 serving reusable Original Blend jar last month as well!

We're available nationwide in REI stores (there are 4 in Chicago!), on, on Amazon, as well as at H-E-B stores, Regionally at Whole Foods locations and independent retailers across the country. We're also sold on Amazon and MSRP is $8.99 on all of our varieties ($24.99 for the jar)! 

We're beloved by our fans and travelers alike  because 1) we make a great tasting instant coffee that can be enjoyed anywhere, 2) we're lightweight and compact, easy to slip into a bag making it really quick and convenient 3) Alpine Start dissolves in hot or cold liquids, making it super flexible. 4) it's WAAAAY better than any airport, airline or hotel in-room coffee!

Purchase Alpine Start on the site or Amazon

12 Oaks Desserts

 12 Oaks Desserts  a dessert company that believes in making all of their sweet treats from scratch in order to ensure each order is made with the care, love, and precision it deserves. 

12 Oaks Cake Gems are made with only the finest ingredients, from free-range eggs and top shelf chocolate, to their hand-crafted vanilla extract. Signature Cake Pops are sold by the dozen for $24 a box and come in 10 different flavors!

The cakes are perfect for serving holiday guests. These cake make beautiful gifts for hosts and hostesses as well.

The Chosen Bean Kcup Coffees

  • THE INTERNET’S FRESHEST K-CUPS The only K-Cups that are roasted, packaged and shipped on the same day, combining the experience of premium coffee with the convenience of a K-Cup
  • MORE JOE FOR YOUR CUP - Unlike the paper filters used by other K-Cup brands, our pleated polypropylene filters do not absorb any flavor, enabling the full flavor profile of artisan crafted beans. Patent-pending DeepBrew design allows up to 50% more coffee for a richer brew and a larger mug
  • FAIR TRADE AND ORGANIC Our coffees are all Fair Trade certified. The Chosen Bean works with the Cooperativa de Caficultores de TarrazĂș RLand proudly uses only organic ingredients
  • TAKE NOTE OF THESE NOTES - This Costa Rica roast contains notes of caramel, dark chocolate and almond with the intense aroma of brown sugar
  • 100% RECYCLABLE Combine your care for the environment with your passion for coffee. While other K-Cups only have recyclable cups, our K-Cups use the same #5 recyclable polypropylene for the lid and filter as well, making the entire K-Cup recyclable

Available for purchase on Amazon

Also available in a gift set with samples of 6 different coffees from different regions:

Sample coffee kits from different regions:


  1. The Rocks Gourmet Jams sound amazing. I've never seen jams infused with alcohol. I know this would make a great gift and something special to serve during the holidays.

  2. I would have to say the On the Rocks Gourmet jam and the 12 Oaks dessert are products I'll be purchasing!


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