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This Custom Macy’s Gift Guide from Will Save You Time and Money

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post which contains affiliate links. has put together a custom Macy’s gift guide to help shoppers save time and money this holiday season!  This certainly takes the stress out of shopping!

Times are busy during the holiday season, so anything that can save me some time is perfect for me.  Saving money on top of that is a plus!

Macy’s is one of my absolutely favorite stores to shop for the holidays and all year long.  They carry all of my favorite designer brands for cosmetics, clothing and accessories.  They also have a wonderful assortment of quality household items that are perfect for gift giving.

Every Christmas my husband shops at Macy’s and picks up an Estée Lauder makeup set for me.  He knows how much I love it.  He even surprises me occasionally with new perfume scents or a pretty sweater.  He always picks up the most thoughtful gifts.

I also love to shop for my husband and my son at Macy’s.  I always get them new cologne, slippers, sweaters and other surprises for under the tree.  My son usually makes a small list or gift ideas and sizes he wants .  It makes it simple for me to shop for him.

I have a few things on my list this year.  I can use a new pair of gloves and a few warm winter sweaters.

This gift guide from shown above is so perfect for browsing.  I see a lot of gift ideas that catch my eye.

This item from the gift guide would make a perfect gift for me!  I love to travel and take weekend trips.  This bag is the perfect size and having the hard shell is ideal for keeping my items safe from being crushed or wrinkled.  Best of all it is a carry-on size so I can keep it with me when I travel by plane.

You can purchase this Matrix carry on bag by visiting


  1. This is a good gift guide . I may get a mtns sport coat for myself .


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