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Top Tips For a Cleaner Home Without the Extra Effort

Are you wishing that your house could be cleaner, but aren’t keen to put in the effort in order to get it that way? You’re definitely not alone. Luckily, a cleaner home doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, you are likely to see a massive difference by simply making a few small changes to your routine. Here is a breakdown on how to ensure a cleaner home without the extra effort.

Don’t wait to wash dishes 
Those dirty dishes can pile up quickly in the sink. Before you know it, you have a mountain of them to do and very little motivation to actually get started. The secret is to do the dishes immediately after a meal or, better yet, to wash them while you cook. You will already be in the midst of another task so won’t even notice that you are cleaning – and you won’t have a huge mess to contest with when all you want to do is kick back in front of the TV. 

Tidy something every time you leave a room 
When you get up from the couch to use the bathroom, grab that empty cup or bowl and drop it off in the kitchen sink on your way. When you get up in the morning to make your coffee, take the laundry down with you. This will minimize the amount of tidying that you will need to do at a later stage. 

Set aside days for specific chores 
Trying to do everything in one day can be overwhelming and is a sure-fire way to start cutting corners and doing ‘half jobs'. Make your workload more manageable by setting aside a day each week to tackle specific chores. For example, you can plan to do your laundry on Monday, mop the floors on Tuesday, do the ironing on Wednesday etc. 

Deep clean your upholstery 
You would be amazed at how filthy your furniture is likely to be, especially if you have pets. Furniture can harbor dust that can aggravate allergy symptoms and cause a constant flow of dust mites around your home. There are many ‘upholstery cleaning near me’ websites these days that can help you find the right professionals for the job, and at the right price.

Never go to bed before cleaning the kitchen 
Leaving dirty dishes in the sink and crumbs on the countertops is a way in which to lay out the welcome mat for various household pests, like ants and rodents, all the while encouraging the growth of bacteria. As such, strive to never go to bed without cleaning the kitchen. After all, if there is any room in your house that needs and deserves your attention, it is the room in which you prepare your food. 

Declutter as much as you can 
Not only can having too much stuff make it difficult to clean around it, but the more stuff you have, the more dust is likely to accumulate. Ultimately, it is much easier to keep a home clean and tidy if it is filled with the bare minimum. It’s a good thing minimalism is so trendy right now! 

By keeping the aforementioned tips in mind, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, much easier to manage living space. 


  1. Thank you for the tips. I'm all for cutting the time on cleaning!

  2. I swear the only way to keep my house how I like is to not sit and not stop cleaning.... When the kids aren't in the house and the house is spotless, then I can sit and enjoy it.

  3. I corral any random loose items and tabletop clutter into baskets. I go through rooms one at a time. I don't think too much about it: if something isn't decor in its intended place I toss it into the basket. At the end of the night before bed, I quickly sort through each basket and put things back where they actually belong.

  4. Now there are some things I should follow!

  5. Decluttering has been the most effective way to keep my house clean without extra effort. I clean the kitchen as I cooking so by the time dinner is done the kitchen is almost cleaned.

  6. I think we are on the same page as this, I hate going to bed knowing that I have dishes in my sink LOL, Its a must do before bed and often I try to pick up or tidy up something before leaving another room .


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