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Ways to Create the Perfect Entertaining Atmosphere for Your Business

When patrons walk into an establishment the first thing they do is notice the atmosphere and ambiance.  Creating an atmosphere that conveys the mood you are trying to create takes time and a careful thought process.

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect entertaining atmosphere:

Leave it to the Professionals

Of course, my first tip is going to be the most stress free and professional way to create the perfect atmosphere.  Business like Object Space Place specialize in creating custom atmospheres for entertaining businesses.  Their professional staff  can help you carefully craft designs that help your business strive.  

Color Choices

Different colors set different moods.  Colors like yellow, bright pink and lime green create an upbeat vibe, while warm tones like browns, burgundies and earthy tones give a room a more relaxed feeling.  According to The Findery, Red stirs up excitement and stimulates conversation, while blue is more calming. 

Choose Proper Lighting

Lighting is key to creating a perfect atmosphere for your entertaining establishment.  Not only is the brightness and dimness important , but the type of lighting and structure of the lighting is key as well.  For example, if you want to create a romantic setting, you aren’t going to have bright lights or large bulky fixtures.  Of course you should pay attention to the height of your ceilings, floor plan, walls and windows when deciding on light choice and placement.

Choosing the Proper Furniture 

The materials and furniture that are placed in your entertaining establishment are going to create a first impression and set the tone for the room.  For example,  if you want to create a bar or restaurant  in an old factory building, it would probably be smart to use old industrial pieces and furniture that has an old industrial feel.  Distressed wood, steel metal and iron along with Edison bulbs are some ideas for that.  For a more modern establishment having bright lighting, minimal decor and soft whites and grays are perfect ideas.

Decorate Wisely

Too much clutter in decoration is never a good idea unless you want to create a dusty junk shop atmosphere.  Sticking to a theme is important.  Simple items like fresh flowers can be all you need to create the mood and look.  Make sure the paintings or art that you choose are painting the story you are trying to create in your establishment.  For example,  if you are creating a steakhouse, you aren’t going to plaster your walls with fishing nets, paintings of the fish or have large metal anchors as decor. 


Music sets moods.  I can’t count how many times I walk into theme restaurants or bars and get disappointed by the music choices they play.  For example, when I visit an Indian, Asian or any other theme  restaurant,  I want to hear the beautiful sounds of their native  music whether it be instrumental or vocal.  When I am in a casual dinner establishment, I want relaxing music softly playing in the background.  For a more modern establishment I like modern, upbeat music.

Whichever type of Entertaining Atmosphere you are trying to create, remember to plan carefully and thoroughly so that it all ties in together perfectly.