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Yulu Pop Pops Snotz and Pop Pops Pets

Pop Pops Snotz are so much fun! They are little slime bubbles with a hidden toy inside! 

There are different colored slime to collect and so many hidden toys!  The Pop Pops come from the gooey, icky supernatural world of Snotzville.  They’re cute yet icky collectibles that are fun to display, trade and play with.  Series 1 has 60 pops to collect!  

These Pop Pop Snotz are perfect for anyone who loves slime and collectibles! Most of all, they’re perfect for anyone who loves to have a Poppin' and Smashin’ good time! 

Pop Pop Snotz Slammer Hammer 

The Pop Pops Slime Slammer Hammer is a fun way to smash your pops and an easy way to collect your slime.  It comes with 18 Pop Pops Snotz to smash!

Series 1

In Series 1 of the Pop Pops Snotz there are so many gross snotz families hiding in the slime bubbles.  Collect them all, including some rare and super rare Snotz!

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Series 2 

Pop Pops Snotz now has a new series to Pop, Smash, Plunge and Store! 

Introducing Pop Pops Pets!  These adorable collectibles feature flamingos, bunnies, pandas, piggies, penguins, llamas,  sloths, seals, cats, monkeys and tortoises!  They are all so cute and available in different outfits!

Watch this fun Pop Pops Pets Commercial:

Find the Super Rare Pets

Hidden in some of the PopPops Snotz are Rare and Super Rare Glitter Pets!  These adorable pets are sparkly fun!

You can find Pop Pops on my Holiday Gift Guide!


  1. The Pets are cute, but knowing kids, it's the Snotz that kids will really want, lol. These are really cute.

  2. My granddaughters would love this!

  3. Pop Pops Snotz sounds pretty interesting!

  4. These would be really great gifts for my grandchildren. So cool.


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