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Coding Critters™ Are a Kid’s First Coding Friends

I love Learning Resources and the fun STEM and science based toys that they create.

I first experienced Coding Critters at the Learning Resources booth at Toy Fair in NYC earlier this year and loved how simple it was for little ones to use.  Children program their Coding Critters to obey commands.  The critter then moves in the directions that it has been programmed to move to.  A fun way to use the Coding Critters is to place an object in a certain location and try to have your Coding Critter reach it.  Here is an example:


Coding Critters™ are a kid’s first coding friends, a series of interactive toy pets that introduce preschoolers to early STEM concepts through 100% screen-free coding activities. With the help of fun playsets and two interactive modes, Play and Code, Coding Critters helps kids acquire hands-on coding abilities, while exerting critical thinking and problem-solving skills without the need for a phone or tablet. Using simple buttons tailored for tiny hands, Coding Critters lets kids follow along on each Critters’ storybook adventures or they may design their own coding challenges to play fetch, have a dance party and more! Coding Critters is ready to code right out of the box, including a full-color 20-page storybook. Each uses 3 AAA batteries, not included

● Coding Critters is available in three different sets: Scamper and Sneaker, Ranger and Zip, and Rumble and Bumble. 
● Coding Critters makes for real pet fun as each one is designed with all the surprises and personality as a real life pet! Kids can feed, pet and take care of their interactive pets in Play Mode.
● Scamper and Sneaker: Code Scamper to play hide and seek, catch the butterfly at the end of her cat toy, or catch Sneaker after a ride down the slide. Kids can follow the storybook coding adventures of this cute kitty duo, which includes a house, slide, yarn ball, cat toy, and more!
● Ranger and Zip: These puppy robot pals are ready for endless playtime fun as kids can program the brave Ranger and mischievous Zip to play with the included house, slide, tennis ball launcher, and more.
● Rumble and Bumble: Chase down a boulder from Rumble’s volcano launcher or knock over his break-apart cave by following these dino robot pals on their storybook adventures. 

Coding Critters make a wonderful gift for any child 4 years of age or older.    

We’re the toy cash registers that help kids learn to count. We’re the alphabet puzzle blocks that inspire a love of reading. We’re the coding mouse that schools use to prepare students for tomorrow. We are Learning Resources®—and our mission is to help kids love to learn. For over 30 years we’ve been the leader in educational toys, with more than 1,000 items sold in over 80 countries. Our toys are designed to help children build educational skills… and get ready to take on the world. For more information, visit, or follow the brand on Twitter @LearningHandsOn, Facebook @LearningResources and Instagram @learningresources.


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