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Disney Family Sunday Hosted by Creator Amber Kemp Gerstel

I love Disney+ and I love crafting!  This show is a match made in heaven for me!  Grab your little ones and get ready to get creative!

Just in time to keep the kids occupied during winter break, Disney+ has launched DISNEY FAMILY SUNDAY hosted by crafter extraordinaire Amber Kemp-Gerstel. In this digital shorts series, Kemp-Gerstel shares her passion for crafting with adventurous young families while making Disney-inspired DIY projects. I’d be happy to coordinate some time for you to chat Amber Kemp-Gerstel. Let me know!

Each episode of DISNEY FAMILY SUNDAY,  highlights a different beloved Disney property with a one-of-a-kind craft, designed for families to build as a team. Kemp-Gerstel guides families through an easy to follow, step-by-step process, offering practical crafting tips along the way, while exploring what makes Disney so special to each family. Parents and kids get their hands dirty, celebrating their favorite Disney Film along and recreate these unique Disney films and characters. Viewers are encouraged to follow along and recreate these unique Disney crafts with their own families at home.

DISNEY FAMILY SUNDAY will premiere on Fridays, only on Disney+ and episode activities include:  

Dumbo: Tent”
“The Little Mermaid: Mermaid Tails”
“Frozen 2: Soap”
“Mickey and Friends: Ornaments”
“Mickey Mouse: Wreath”
“Alice in Wonderland: Teacup Lamp”
“Tangled: Paper Lanterns”
“ Toy Story: Toy Bins”
“Lion King: Paint Pour Artwork”
and many more!

In her former life, she was a child psychologist working with kids, teens and families faced with emotional and behavioral challenges. In December 2015, she put my career as a psychologist on hold to see if this whole crafting thing would work. Turns out, you CAN play with paint for a living! These days she’s a full-time crafter, blogger and television personality. As the creative mind behind Damask Love, Kemp-Gerstel was the crafting competition winner on NBC's show "Making It."  More on Amber


  1. This is so cool. I am also a crafter and love Disney, Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good to know about all the neat stuff disney + has to offer.


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