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These Stylish Fitness Watches Take You From the Gym to the Office

AmazFit fitness watches are stylish fitness watches that can be worn any time .  Their sleek look can take you from the gym to the office.  These handsome fitness watches have stylish leather straps and large easy to read numbers on its face.

Now you can easily and confidently keep track of your fitness throughout the day and night withtout changing your watches.

Benefits of Amazfit Fitness Watches:

Customizable Faces

The Amazfit GTR is a complete smartwatch, perfect for all occasions. With its classic looks, advanced features, and customizable watch faces to choose from, this smartwatch will always match your personal style.

Special Features

1.39" AMOLED with high resolution retina display, corning glass and anti-finger coating so that your watch looks as good as ever.

Detailed Sports Tracking

Track 12 different sports like outdoor/indoor running, walking, outdoor & indoor cycling, elliptical trainer, pool/open water swimming, mountaineering, trail running, skiing & Exercising.

Great for Swimmers

5 ATM water-resistance to so that you can wear it while swimming in a pool or open waters upto 50 meters deep

Heart Track Monitoring

The GTR comes with the innovative BioTracker PPG sensor for accurate heart rate monitoring so that you can keep an eye on your heart health 24/7.

Bluetooth Music Control

Control music directly from your watch while exercising without pulling out your phone from your pocket.

Keeps You Connected 

Stay informed all day long with smart notifications and custom vibrations for your favorite apps like email, text, Facebook, etc.

Amazfit GTR 47mm Stainless Steel will be on sale at for only $159.50. The holiday sale is from 12/12 through 12/25! 

Visit Amazon to purchase! 


  1. That looks like a nice, upscale watch. You could wear it anywhere, no one would know it's a fitness watch.

    1. Yes and you can change the watch face digitally to match your style

  2. These do look a lot nicer than other sports watches I've seen. I think my son would really like this one.


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