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Keeping Your Family Termite Free Thanks to Surf Termite & Pest Control

Image: Surf Termite and Pest Control

As parents, we do our best to keep our family safe from break ins, weather and everything in between. One thing that we may not think is going to hurt our family, especially during the colder months are bugs. However, despite bumble bees not buzzing around there is another type of insect that can still make a big mess within our home. These bugs are called termites and despite the chillier months that can slow them down from getting inside our home, it’s still an issue that many homeowners face no matter what the weather. 

Yes it’s true! You may think that insects don’t come out when winter sets in so it’s easy to forget about these harmful pests like termites. They can remain active all winter long due to food, heat and water that your home provides for them. They can increase even more during the cold months because ultimately, they have nowhere else to go. 

Before I even discuss how to take the proper precautions about termites and a way to help prevent them as much as possible, do you know what to look for and how to spot a problem? While termites are most prone to swarm after there have been warm rain and the ground is about 70 degrees, they also can already be near or within your home before anything happens. Signs of infestation include a glimpse of the insect flying at night or being drawn to your lights. You may also notice any wings that fall off of the termite and pile up near your windowsill. Some homeowners have seen small wood shavings or pellets on the floor of their home. They may be difficult to see but once they begin to pile up it will be more noticeable as termites because they continue to infest within your wood surfaces. 

Now what you know what to look for, how can you and your family take precautions when these pesky bugs? One idea is coming up with a prevention plan to keep your family termite free. 

Quality Company

Image Surf Termite and Pest Control

When looking to put a prevention plan in place, you want a quality company to assist you in this matter. If you live in the New Jersey area a reliable and trustworthy business is called Surf Termite and Pest Control . For starters, I appreciate that they are a family owned business who are dedicated to helping your family stay protected against the many dangers that termites pose in your home and neighborhood. They perform a very thorough inspection and come up with a proper treatment plan that will work for your home needs. 

Their program includes four quarterly services visits annually which provides your home with the most comprehensive and rigorous pest management program available within the industry. It also includes preventive treatment of the interior and exterior of your home plus very specific attention appropriate of the season and the weather. 

If it’s really necessary, their home protection plan can also cover free emergency service calls. This is only included during their normal business hours. The coverage applies to your entire property which also includes your mailbox, garage, shed, outdoor play area, pool house, basement or attic. I don’t know about you but that makes me feel really good knowing that almost any time I can call them to help assist these pesky insects no matter where they are within or outside my home. 

Within your plan, it’s not only termites that your plan covers but also other bugs that might be trying to take over your home. These include rats, yellow jacket bees, ants, ground beetles, hornets, ladybugs, crickets, pill bugs, pantry pests, mice, spiders and many more. Along with your plan, they even extend it further but adding an a Home Protection Plan Plus which includes everything within the first plan but also including other bugs such as carpenter ants, boxer bugs, digger bees and fleas. 

Surf Termite and Pest Control also offers other services for commercial pest control, wood repair, radon testing, structural pest exclusion services, rodent control, tick and mosquito services, radon testing, pre-construction treatments and documentation for real estate transactions. If you have any questions or comments about what you may need, feel free to call the company to get a quote and an idea of what exactly you need. 

Have you ever dealt with a termite issue within your home or neighborhood? 
What steps did you take to get rid of them? 
Did you try anything yourself or did you call a professional right away? 
Any tips or tricks you have to helping get rid of termites and keeping your family self that wasn’t shared? 


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