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Taking Down The Christmas Decor

Oh, how I struggle with taking down my Christmas decor. It stayed up almost to Mid-January and even then, I was not prepared or ready to take it down. You see - Christmas is just so joyful to me. It is not even about the decorations, but the decor - the sparkles, greenery, and jolly Santa’s - remind me of the season where (literally) everyone is happy. Once the decor is down, my house just looks plain. I never know how to fill it with that joy again because now that all of the holidays are over, what do I fill my home with? It’s still freezing and grey outside, so you can’t really go with spring decor yet, but to me, winter decor = Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. It’s just a hard transition from Christmas decor to nothing until spring. If you sound anything like me, then I want to help you out today. When you take down the Christmas decor, you do not have to bring out the seasonal depression based on how your home looks. Instead, take these few ideas on how to make your home warm and joyful, even with the holidays behind us:

Add New Home Items
First of all, to really get excited about your new home look after the holiday decor gets taken down, one of my favorite things to do is to add new home items: especially when it comes to furniture! There is nothing I love more than finding a new furniture piece and adding it into my home to love. For example, one thing that can totally transform a room and home is a new rug. Sweet Home Stores can help you out with that because they have plenty of rugs in Clifton NJ at their showroom. Established in 2014, Sweet Home Stores has become a popular store for customers looking for quality selections of affordable and stylish furniture and home decor. They not only offer rugs, but they offer living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, mattresses, decor, and more. They run sales galore and have a great clearance page on their website. Plus, when you go into their store, all of their staff members are extremely knowledgeable with considerable experience in the rug and furniture business. So, if you are looking for new furniture, accents, or rugs to go into your home in order to spruce it up and bring in the joy again, check out Sweet Home Stores. Their wide selection of merchandise is sourced from trustworthy vendors and also include some of their own designs. They are always searching for the best and most fashionable pieces for you! 

Open Up The Windows
You might think I am crazy since it is FREEZING out there, but seriously - open up the windows, even if it is just for five minutes at a time. Why? Because it will air out your home and bring in the sunshine. While you are at it, open up your blinds and curtains too. Fresh air, sunshine (even cold sunshine), and the scent of nature will help bring you joy and ground you during these weird transition months. Not only will it be good for your mind, but it will also be good for your health because the indoor air quality is always awful.

Create A Fire
Speaking of indoor air quality, this will definitely not help improve it, but creating a fire in your fireplace will make your home feel so much more warm and cozy. To me, a fire just brings me joy - especially when I am cuddled up by it with a sweet movie playing in the background. Grab your family and cuddle up with them! 

Keep The Winter Decor - Just Not The Christmas
So, yes - you have to get rid of your Christmas decor, but if you have any “Christmas” decor that is a bit neutral that can be just overall winter decor, keep that up! It will still bring you joy because it is technically your Christmas items, but people won’t know it. This is definitely a hack that I have learned over the years.

Focus On The Glass Half Full
Last but not least, just focus on what is good about your home. You know, things will never, ever be absolutely perfect, but it’s what you make of them. Sure, your home might seem depressing at first when you take down the Christmas decor, but look at the things you love about your home. The tall windows that you have in the living room, the stack of cozy blankets that you have in the corner, or your indoor plants that are flourishing. Think about the memories you have made in your home because this is what truly matters at the end of the day - and that is what will bring you more joy than just Christmas decor.


  1. I have about 40 nutcrackers still up. We keep them up on a high shelf that over looks the main room in our townhome. They will more than likely come down next month. Some of them have a Christmas theme and others do not. I will say that some that do not have a Christmas theme are sprinkled thru our place all year long.
    I agree that Christmas is a good feeling and things are bare afterwards.


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