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WPForms Makes Recurring Payments Simple with Stripe Form Add-on

WPForms makes it easy for businesses accept credit card payments and recurring payments.

By setting up your site with the ability to accept payments, you can help your business to be more lucrative, especially if you are a start up business, longtime business  or plan on growing in the future.

If you have an online business or are starting one, WPForms makes it easy for you to collect payments from your new and repeat customers. Collecting payments on your Word Press forms isn't as difficult as you may think.  

Create Your Online Payment Form 

Here are the simple steps needed to create your online payment form so that you can accept new and recurring payment.

1. Install and Activate WPForms plugin.   

2. Install the plugin by using this simple to follow guide.

3. Install and Activate the Stripe addon

4. Create a new form by going to WPForms >> Add New

5. Customize Your Form Fields

With WPForms you can easily customize your forms by dragging them from left to right panel. The process is simple.  You can easily rearrange the order on your form as well.

For recurring payments from Stripe, be sure to follow the simple instructions and include at least these two steps:

  1. An items field such as Single Item, Multiple Items, or Dropdown Items
  2. A Credit Card field
Once your form is set up as you want, just click SAVE and that is it!

Configuring Payments

To configure your payment settings once your form is ready:

1. Go to PAYMENTS >> STRIPE.    Once there, click on the Enable Stripe Payments box and give it a description.  

2. Select Email as the Stripe Payment Receipt.

You are now done.  If you are looking for recurring payments, just check the Enable recurring subscription payments box under the Subscriptions section. A couple of additional steps will also have to be followed, including creating a Plan Name, choosing how often customers will be able to make recurring payments, and selecting the Customer Email option from the dropdown menu so that WPForms can send them notifications once they submit the form.

The final step is to click the Enable conditional logic checkbox. 

Lastly, you’ll need to set the conditional logic rules since you give people the option to make recurring donations or a one-time donation.
To do this, first select the checkbox Enable conditional logic. Then configure the rule to say: Process payment as recurring if Dropdown is Monthly(or whichever timeline you choose).  This will allow the payment to be processed automatically for whichever time interval you offer on the form.
Your form is now complete, click Save and you are done.  
Be sure to test your form on your site. You can check out  how to test Stripe payments before accepting actual payments
You are now able to accept recurring payments on your WordPress forms using the WPForms Stripe addon.
For more helpful information on being successful with your new form, visit how to reduce order form abandonment.  
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  1. I can see why sites would want to use this. It would definitely add to the business customer base by makingit easier to accept payments.

  2. I've never heard of this service. Thanks for posting!

  3. This sounds like a great service. Thanks for sharing.


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