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5 Reasons Why You Should Book a Bridal Boudoir Shoot

If the thought of booking a bridal boudoir shoot in the run-up to your wedding has never even crossed your mind before, you may need some convincing before you take the plunge (so to speak) and book your very own photoshoot. 

Whether you are a natural extrovert, or even if you prefer to go unnoticed in everyday life, a bridal boudoir shoot can be an empowering and amazing experience for all brides-to-be. 
Not to mention the look on your soon-to-be spouse’s face when they see your beautiful images will be nothing but uplifting before your big day. 

Still not convinced?

Keep reading to discover five reasons why you should book a bridal boudoir photo shoot before your wedding. 

It will make you feel great about yourself
If ever there was ever a time to make yourself feel more sexy and beautiful, it would be in preparation for your wedding day and night! Think about how much time and money you have spent on your wedding dress. Now, don’t you want to feel as gorgeous in this dress as possible as you walk down the aisle to be joined forever with your future spouse?
bridal boudoir shoot is all about you — a chance to celebrate your body and your beauty.
What better way to ensure you feel confident and empowered on your big day?

It offers a chance to relax
Organizing a wedding is stressful. In fact, alongside moving home and having a baby, planning a wedding is arguably one of the most nerve-wracking and challenging times of your life. Therefore, unless you want to completely burn out and lose your temper (probably with your other half), you need to indulge in some rest and relaxation.
You could choose to go on a spa day or book a tension-relieving massage, but why not choose to treat yourself to a bridal boudoir photoshoot instead

It makes a great keepsake 
Whether you choose to keep the photographs for yourself, or you would prefer to give them to your partner as a wedding gift, having a set of bridal boudoir photographs will act as a reminder of how you felt in the run-up to your big day forever. 
Each and every time you look at the photographs, either alone or together, you will remember how you felt at that time, full of anticipation and excitement for the future. 

You may actually enjoy it!
You will be surprised at just how many women come into a shoot feeling nervous and unsure of themselves, and then within 10 minutes, they are loving every aspect of the shoot. 
Think of it a bit like karaoke. No-one wants to get up to sing their first song. You um and ahh about it for ages, but then once you have done your first number, you can’t wait to get back on that stage.

Well, bridal boudoir shoots are the same. You may feel initially scared, but you will soon be throwing back your hair and trying out as many different poses as possible. 

It captures you in your prime
Although you may like to think that you will stay looking fresh and youthful forever, unfortunately, Father Time has other ideas. You will age, and your appearance will change, so wouldn’t it be amazing to have some professional photographs of a time when you were not only in your primebut arguably as happy as you could ever be?

Photo by Kyle Roxas from Pexels