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NY Waterway ferries offer dog lovers the fastest, easiest and only traffic-free way to travel to the 144th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show from February 8 – 11 with events at Pier 94, 54th Street and 12th Avenue, and Madison Square Garden.

For more information and a schedule of events, visit

With NY Waterway’s new E-Ticket, it’s even easier to travel between Port Imperial in Weehawken and the Midtown West 39th Street Ferry Terminal in Manhattan with advance ticket purchase. For more information, please visit

            The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show kicks off the competition with the Masters and Agility Championship on Saturday, February 8, at Pier 94.

On Sunday, February 9, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show continues at Pier 94.but Competitions on February 10 and 11 will take place at Madison Square Garden.

On weekdays, ferries travel to the West 39th Street Midtown Ferry Terminal from Edgewater, from Port Imperial and Lincoln Harbor in Weehawken, from Hoboken 14th Street and the Hoboken/NJ TRANSIT Terminal, from Harborside, Liberty Harbor and Paulus Hook in Jersey City and from Belford / Middletown in Monmouth County. 

NY Waterway also offers low-cost weekend service to West 39th Street from Weehawken, Hoboken and Jersey City.  

Free connecting NY Waterway shuttle buses are waiting at the Midtown West 39th Street Ferry Terminal to take customers on several routes, including a route that stops at Madison Square Garden and a route that stops just a few blocks from Pier 94.

            Several New Jersey terminals offer inexpensive parking (some free) and are served by the Hudson/Bergen Light Rail, NJ TRANSIT buses and local free NY Waterway buses.
Visit for more information or call 1-800-53-FERRY. 

Information is also available on the NY WaterwayFacebookInstagram and Twitter pages.
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  1. How I miss NYC and all its festivities.. I hope you can show us some photos from the show


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