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Six Common Kitchen Hazards and How to Deal With Them

Kitchens are a hazardous place. If you are careless, you could burn yourself, burn your food, or even slice a whole finger off. However, the bigger issue is when you leave the kitchen. Problems that were once small and unnoticed can grow to become huge, costly repairs. Untended food could end up catching fire, or a broken fridge could lead to leaking, etc. 

Cooking disasters and kitchen hazards are two very different things. To stop a cooking disaster, you simply need to be careful and more mindful when you are in the kitchen. To prevent a kitchen hazard, you need to inspect, clean, and, if necessary, repair different areas of the kitchen. 

With that in mind, here are six common kitchen hazards and how to deal with them.

Kitchen Fire 

The reality is that once there is a serious fire in your kitchen,the integrity of the space is at risk. Just have a look at this guide that explains why cleaning smoke damage is hardIf you don’t address the issue properly, you will suffer from a persistent odor, as well as run the risk of causing long-term damage

Leaky Pipes 

Unless you pay a fixed rate for your water, you will want to deal with any leaky taps or low water pressure issues as soon as possible. Bring in a professional plumber if you are not confident in the problem or if you suspect that your leaky tap might also mean a leaky pipe and water damage. You can always call a company like  Plumbing and Drain Services Toronto to do an inspection. 

Damaged or Dying Appliances 

Damaged or dying appliances can range from a nuisance to a downright hazard. If your oven is finicky and difficult to start, or if your gas stovetop is hard to turn on, then either get it fixed or buy a new one before the inevitable kitchen fire happens. 


Pests are another common kitchen hazard. Mice, for example, can be quite silent and sneaky pests that get into your food and carry with them a wide variety of diseases. They can also find their way back with the smallest of scents. You need to wipe down your counters and floors regularly, and of course,install traps. If the issue persists, it is time to bring in an exterminator. Some pests, of course, can only be dealt with by an exterminator. For instance, if your home is flooded with fleas, you will need to fumigate the whole house. 

Waste Management 

Improper waste management is probably one of the biggest causes of death and disease throughout history. That is why it is essential to properly clean out recycling instead of just throw it in the bin, and why you should always compost food waste so that it can be removed more often than your general waste bin. 
Without these measures, you will be inviting flies and other pests into your home. 

Dull Utensils 

The last hazard on our list is dull utensils. Knives, in particular, are infinitely more dangerous when they are dull compared to when they are razor sharp. You have to put more effort into cutting something with a dull knife, and that is when precision is lost, and you can slip and cut yourself. 


  1. I wish more people understood the danger of a dull knife!


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