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The Role of a Wedding Planner

If you’re a wedding planner, then chances are you love to be organized. After all, your job is all about preparation and efficiency, as you help couples plan their special day and ensure that it all goes smoothly. Naturally, this can be a stressful period for engaged couples, which is why it’s your responsibility to keep them calm and have every detail checked and rechecked. 

There’s a lot that goes into being a successful wedding planner, aside from floral arrangements and cake designs, so read on for some tips. 

Keep Everyone’s Glass Full 
The happy couple’s stress levels are going to be through the roof on the big day, so make sure that all the guests are looked after by keeping their drinks topped up throughout the day. By hiring professional wedding bartenders, you can ensure that the drinks continue to flow throughout the celebrations, so everyone can let loose and join in the merriment. To make the day extra special for the newlyweds, you could even ask the bartenders to create a customized cocktail in honor of their special day. 

Be a Mediator 
Weddings are supposed to be a day of celebration as families come together to share in the couple’s love; however, as we all know, you can’t choose your family, and sometimes the stress of a wedding can bubble over as family dynamics clashand relatives fail to get on the same page. 

As a wedding planner, you will need to step in as a mediator. Remind everyone of the bigger picture and communicate clearly so that family drama doesn’t get in the way of the couple’s special moment. 

Work with the Photographer
When you hire a professional photographer to capture all the best moments from the day, that doesn’t mean you should step back and leave them to it. Work with them to ensure that they don’t go over schedule and that they perfectly capture the couple’s best angles in the shots. The happy couple will want picture-perfect snapshots that they can treasure forever, so make sure they get them!

Check the Gifts
It’s also your responsibility to check that all the wedding gifts are properly secure and not at risk of being snatched. You might not think of this as a possibility, but you never know; wedding gifts can range from all sorts from silverware to juicers, to fresh cotton sheets, etc. The last thing you’ll want is to discover some have gone missing at the end of the night!

Be Prepared for Last-Minute Hiccups
Of course, no matter how well you plan something, you can guarantee that there are still going to be unforeseen hiccups that threaten your planning. Perhaps the florist delivered the wrong flowers or the bridal party is running late, or the DJ still isn’t set up. In these instances, remember to breathe and stay calm. 
Being a wedding planner means that you need to think on your feet, so get your team into action and set about rectifying any problems as swiftly as possible. Most importantly, make sure that you minimize any dramas before they become noticeable, and ensure that the happy couple can relax on their big day.