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6 Essentials Every Makeup Artist Needs in Their Makeup Kit

While your makeup kit is probably already chock full of the basics, such as lipstick, false eyelashes, and pressed powder, there are a few lesser-known supplies that can take your kit to a whole new level of amazing. These supplies have the power to enhance your work by improving the overall quality and by ensuring that it lasts longer before requiring touch-ups

While they are ideal for use by all makeup artists, they are particularly useful for those who spend the majority of their time working on film sets. Here’s a list from which to draw inspiration. 

There is nothing worse than a shiny complexion on screen. It is true that certain individuals tend to have oilier skin than others, but almost everyone is sure to sweat a little while working hard doing a scene. Never mind the challenge that comes with trying to conceal prosthetics. Both instances arewhere a high quality mattifier product comes in. Make sure you invest in one that is translucent so that it can be used on all skin colors. Take a look at for options. 

Concealer Palette or Two  
It’s worthwhile to invest in two separate concealer palettes one created for lighter skin and one created for darker skin. Invest in one that is highly pigmented for maximum coverage when it comes to all sorts of discolorations, from tattoos to dark undereye circles and bruises. 

An Eyelash Applicator 
Shave minutes off of your job by making use of an eyelash applicator tool, as opposed to applying fake eyelashesmanually. These applicators allow for improved precisionhelp to keep glue off of your fingers, and prevent glue fromsmudging on the actor’s eyelid. 

An Adhesive Primer 
Working as a makeup artist on a film set means working with a number of prosthetics and special FX makeupYou can ensure that anything you apply to the skin remains there for as long as necessary by carefully prepping the skin with an adhesive primer. This product can be applied directly to the skin, as well as onto the prosthetics themselves, for optimized adhesion every time. 

An Eyebrow Bonding Gel
An eyebrow bonding gel makes it easy to tame unruly eyebrows, helping to shape them and hold them in place. It is essentially like using an eyebrow mascara. While you can get eyebrow bonding gel in different colors, it is best to invest in a clear option if you know that you’re going to work with multiple actors or models at any given time. That way, you can use the same product all the way through.

Bright Corrector Concealer Wheels 
Bright corrector concealer wheels, consisting of yellows, greens, and reds, are a must, so don’t be shy to invest in a multitude of different shades. Even if you never find any use for a specific color, it can be turned into a nude lipstick oreyeshadow instead. 
Don’t forget to purchase your makeup must-haves from a reputable supplier known for its high-quality products. Ultimately, quality is always more important than quantity and can make or break your clients’ overall aesthetic!