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Adorable Eco-Friendly Easter Plush from Aurora World

When I attended Toy Fair this year, I learned about Aurora’s sustainability initiative which kicked off in 2018 with one of its most extensive lines Destination Nation.  As of 2020, all Aurora World products utilize eco-friendly 100% biodegradable pellets made from recycled materials.  Previously they cut paper usage over 30% by switching to a digital filing process, and choosing shipping cartons made from recyclable material.  They’ve also moved to 100% recycled paper hang-tags with water based coating and sewn in labels made from recycled satin.

Aurora World is saving over 400,000,000 plastic bottles globally and contributing to a greener world by making all of their plush from eco-friendly materials.

Plush bunnies and Easter go together like peanut butter and jelly.  They are a perfect pair. Aurora is the authority when it comes to plush. Since 1981 they’ve created high quality gift products and have been a leader in the character and content industry.  

I received some adorable plush ideas from Aurora World that make great Easter basket and gift giving additions!  

Schooshie Bunny

This adorable under-stuffed bunny is weighted with beans.  Schooshie bunny is perfect for posing and fun to toss around.  Schooshie has the cutest floppy ears and a pink belly.

Emmie Bunny

Emmie loves to carry her holographic egg with her, everywhere she goes.  She has soft fluffy fir and big floppy ears.  Emmie is available in various colors.

Poppy Spring Chick

Poppy is the cutest chick in the flock.  He is adorably plump and so soft and fluffy.  Poppie’s little cute little wings stick out on the side and cute orange feet.

Willie Whale Pink Love You Tons

Everyone knows how much I love Precious Moments and not only do I collect the figurines , but I also have a large collection of plush.  I am excited that Precious Moments are now available from Aurora World.  Willie Whale is the cutest light pink whale with a big happy smile and white belly.  

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Aurora World has a wonderful selection of plush and other gifts that are perfect for any Easter basket.