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Easter Fun from Educational Insights

Educational Insights is known for their hands on educational play toys and these toys make great additions to any Easter basket.   They teach fine motor skills, matching, counting, colors, coding and more! Children will have so much fun playing while learning.

  • Hoppy Floppy needs your help hunting for colorful carrots! This Easter-themed game is easy for young ones to play and understand with no time consuming set up and clean up. The first one to fill up their basket wins in this sweet, springtime, hide-and-seek activity.

  • Inspired by Learning Resources’ Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog, Pedro the Fine Motor Peacock helps kids build four different skill sets: color and number identification, tactile awareness and fine motor skills.
  • Kids 18+ months old can practice movements such as the pincer grasp, an important object-grabbing skill, by placing one of Pedro’s five push-and-pull feathers into the slots. Every feather is numbered and uniquely designed to introduce young children to the swirling, whirling and smooth textures and shapes of the world surrounding them. 

Playfoam Pals Unicorn Magic (MSRP: $11.99-$35.99)

  • Kids will open the encased Playfoam rainbow to reveal four hidden surprises: a Mystery Unicorn Charm, Mystery Colored Locket, Surprise Clip, and Surprise Decorative Gem.
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: A unicorn collectible charm is hidden inside every Playfoam Pals set. Who will you get? Kittycorn, piggycorn, or rare sparkle mermaidcorn? Unicorn Magic has up to 45 collectible characters! Playfoam Pals Unicorn Magic combines the fun of unboxing, collectibles and Playfoam into one!
  • Each Pal includes a heart locket, gem and collector’s guide.
  • Playfoam never dries out for everlasting fun! It is non-toxic and safe for kids 5+.
  • Playfoam Pals Unicorn Magic comes in a 2-pack (MSRP: $11.99) or 6-pack (MSRP: $35.99).

Coding Critters (MSRP: $39.99)

  • BRAND NEW BOPPER, HIP, and HOP: Bopper is ready to play with Hip and Hop as they slide, swing and romp around the forest. Whether you are helping these bunnies find their carrot or simply exploring the playroom, kids will surely enjoy all of the coding fun. Kids can also follow the storybook coding adventures of these cute bunny rabbits, which includes a tree swing, slide, carrot, wagon, and more!
  • Coding Critters is available in three additional sets: Scamper & Sneaker, Ranger & Zip, and Rumble & Bumble. 
  • Coding Critters makes for real pet fun as each one is designed with all the surprises and personality as a real-life pet! Kids can feed, pet and take care of their interactive pets in Play Mode.