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Fun Ways to Get the Kids Involved with Spring Cleaning

With the spread of coronavirus affecting the entire world, everyone is spending a lot more time at home with their children in an attempt to keep the virus at bay, and as such, trying to keep your children entertained during this time can prove difficult. When trying to come up with different activities to do indoors, one that you might not have thought of is actually spring cleaning. Just because the world seems to have stopped doesn’t mean that spring hasn’t arrived, and so this is the perfect opportunity to start your spring cleaning with them. 

Instead of distracting your kids to keep them busy while you tidy up, this spring try involving them with your chores. Cleaning activities are a recommended task for children as part of practical life training, so even if it does take a bit longer to get through your to-do list, it will be well worth it for your kids. Plus, it will help starve that self-isolation boredom, even for just a little bit. 

Here are some ways you can get your children involved with your spring cleaning tasks. 

Use Music as a Motivator
Nothing makes cleaning more fun than playing some upbeat music while you’re doing it. Dance and sing your way around the house, cleaning and tidying as you go. You can come up with a clean-up song or make a playlist of your family’s favorite tunes. If you have toddlers or younger kids, you can even play a game where kids must freeze in place when the music stops and they can’t move again until it starts. This helps turn any boring chore into a fun game that’s sure to be full of giggles. 

Assign Your Kids Task
This may not work as well for much younger children, butgiving your kids a task to complete on their own is a good way to add some responsibility and make them feel as though they are actively contributing towards a bigger goal. You can delegate easier tasks like dusting or washing windows (after teaching them the “wax on, wax off” method of wiping windows). 

If they’re big enough to use the vacuum cleaner unassisted, you could make that one of their tasks, since it’s pretty satisfying cleaning carpets. Although, if your carpets have seen better days, it may be worth ignoring that task altogether and hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to bring them back to their glory days once the pandemic of COVID-19 is over.  

If your spring cleaning task list includes organizing closets and cleaning out unused items, you could get your kids to go through their toys and make piles for the ones they want to keep and the ones they don’t play with anymore. 

Make Everything a Game
Along the same vein as your music-inspired game, you can turn any chore into a fun game for your kids to show them that cleaning doesn’t have to be boring and tedious. Instead of sweeping the floors, have your kids put on a pair of socks and skate around the room to try and pick up as much dust as possible. 

Go around the house and challenge your kids to find the most amount of objects that aren’t in the right place and then get them to put them away where they belong, crowning the winner as whoever put away more objects. Get creative with the games you and your kids can play while still managing to clean and tidy your home.

Safety Precautions

In order to protect yourself and others from risk of infection when cleaning. Wear high-grade disposable nitrile gloves before cleaning the house, and you will be able to feel safe working around any number of contaminated substances that often get caught in dust or dirt. You may also want to wear masks or respirators to avoid inhaling harmful fumes from cleaning products.

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels