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Get Ready for Outdoor Family Fun with BuzzBee Toys

The warm weather will be here soon and BuzzBee toys has so many fun Adventure Force toys that are sure to bring hours of fun and enjoyment to you and your family!

Some new additions include:

Adventure Force Tsunami Drencher [MSRP $14.97; Ages 8+]: The Adventure Force Tsunami Drencher by Buzz Bee Toys is perfect for any water warrior aiming for long distance soaking. This power pump water blaster can hold up to 30 ounces of water before streaming up to 51 feet in the air! Your enemy can kiss staying dry goodbye.
Additional Notes: Available exclusively at Walmart.

Air Warriors Sling Shot [MSRP $4.99; Ages 6+]: Aim for your targets with unmatched precision using the Air Warriors Sling Shot by Buzz Bee Toys! The best part? This sling shot blaster is so easy to use! Just pull back on the elastic band, aim, and release your dart. Score one for the winning team using its long distance darts - you’ll be able sling your shot far!

Additional Notes: Includes blaster and 6 long distance darts. Available at Dollar General and Target.

Tabitha and I had so much fun at the BuzzBee breakfast held during Toy Fair.  We got to play with so many of the Buzz Bee Toys including the Aur Warriors Sling Shot.

Check out this clip of some of the fun we had: