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How to Enjoy the Ultimate Staycation This Year

With the coronavirus spreading, Italy shutting down, and many airlines worrying about their future puts the very question of our summer vacation up into the air. Even if you aren’t worried about the virus itself, there is a good chance that the top vacation destination that you intend to go to might just close its doors to help quarantine the disease and help ease its healthcare system. 

It’s a stressful time to book for flights, that’s for sure. Even going by water, there’s no guarantee, with multiple cruise ships being stranded and quarantined for weeks. To keep things safe, and more importantly to save your money, it’s best to instead just enjoy a staycation. Here are 5 ways you can make the most of your staycation. 

Invest in the Ultimate At-Home Spa Kit 

The best way to capture the expectation of a vacation (not the sandy reality) is to invest in a great at-home spa kit

• Great Spa Products 

The products you will want to invest in will depend entirely on you. If you frequently suffer from aches and pains, then sea salt baths, CBD body lotion, and heat therapy can all do wonders. 

• Adopt a Treat-Me Routine 

Having a great set of spa products at home is worthless if you don’t designate time to use them. Adopt a treat-me routine where you spend some time, light up the candles, pour yourself a glass of wine, and listen to great music. Have a relaxing bath, pamper yourself, and enjoy the spa treatment right at home. 

Redesign Your Backyard 

If you have a backyard and it isn’t already an oasis, now is the time to make it into one. Create a lounge area, plant some trees, flowers, and bushes, and try to set the seeds for a truly wonderful escape year after year. With a great garden, you can enjoy time outdoors throughout the summer without booking a flight. 

Explore Your City Fully 

When on a staycation, you aren’t shackled to your home. You have your entire home town to explore (and its surrounding areas). So head on out, try new restaurants, go to that museum finally, or simply just go for a walk. We put so much effort into exploring different cities and new destinations, so this summer put that effort into exploring your own backyard. 

Start a Worthwhile Project 

Staycations are times where you take your vacation time off and then just stay at home. They can be where you lounge around and do nothing, but if you are someone who isproactive, then you’ll want to instead take the time to start a project, even start your own business. 

You could even try transforming your spa routine into a business itself – and it’s so easy! Just use what works for you and find wholesale buyers like CopeCBD to sell on their product. You don’t need to do any testing, just create a label and a brand, and start helping others. Then, just like you, they can enjoy the ultimate spa-like staycation where they get pampered right at home. 

Host Parties and Events At Yours 

Finally, make your home the go-to destination. Host backyard barbecues, late-night wine nights, or just regular get-togethers so that you can capture that big group holiday right at home.

Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels