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Teach Your Little Ones About Germs with This Fun Game

Germs can be difficult and even scary for little ones to understand, but MEandMine has an award winning educational STEAM game that makes it fun and informative.  

In this kit, children construct and assemble the pieces to create a fun learning game that teaches them about platelets, white blood cells, and healthy habits.

Check out all of the Me and Mine Body Squad crates and let your children or students have fun while learning!

Crates Available Include:


Designed by educators, pediatricians, and psychologists, MEandMine is all about creating a read-build-play experience that makes a child's journey of self-discovery the most fun, mind-blowing and inspiring hands-on adventure. Our educational play kits are designed to inspire kids ages 3-8 to discover all the marvelous ways their body and emotions work to help them grow.

About MEandMine

Started in 2019, MEandMine was founded by a team of educators, pediatricians, psychologists, toy geeks, and parents in the Silicon Valley. Our vision is to develop kids’ resilience through a fundamental love of self. We create read-build-play experiences that make kids' self-discovery journey just as fun, weird, messy and marvelous as the magic they’ll find inside. We aim to transform what children learn - from performance play to purposeful play and from outside validation to inside discovery.
We built our award-winning toys for kids ages 3-8 based on 2 educational theories by David Kolb and Harvard CDC. This starts with reading and layers on play and practice as a surefire way to help kids dig in what they're made of. Once they love their gifts and quirks, this helps them face the wild road of life ahead with excitement, confidence, creativity, and resilience. We currently have 2 product collections: MEandMine Body and MEandMine Emotion. By the end of month, we are expecting to have a total of 10 products available.

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