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This New E*Blox Brick Playing Brand Takes Learning To a New Level

I’m excited to introduce you to a new brand that is taking children’s playing and learning to a new level, and what many people are referring to as the best LEGO enhancers on the market. E-Blox was founded by a father and two sons in Illinois, with the goal of offering a new generation of educational toys through STREAM education -- Science, Technology, Reading/Writing, Engineering, Arts and Math. 

With E-Blox plug-together bricks and modules, kids can build dozens of toys and games that light up and make sounds. Examples include a robot with flashing eyes, a pet that makes sound, a real working FM radio, an airplane propeller that spins, among many others. 

Through three product lines (circuit, power and story), E-Blox’s patented technology is changing this industry. All products are compatible with LEGO and will take children’s playing and learning to a new level. Please see details on each line below. 

Check out the photo above to see the E-Blox kit I constructed myself!  It is lots of fun and so easy to do with the step by step illustrated guide that is included.

 Circuit Blox Line
The circuit product line helps children 8+ years learn about electricity, current and voltage through fun projects that incorporate lights, alarms, switches and LED lights. Circuit E-Blox are compatible with Power Blox line. 

Product: Circuit Blox 72
  • 72 Projects to Build: Create endless possibilities with the 72 different projects that you can build in this E-Blox Building Blocks Kit. Using 35 different parts, children can build a Nerve Tester, Hand Crank Generator Backup Power Source, and a lot more, by following the Manual Instructions provided.
  • Complete Set: This building blocks kit for kids includes a maze, hand-crank generator, press switch, push-button switch, reed switch, lamp, LEDs, alarm, and other parts and accessories needed in creating 72 different projects. Requires 3 "AA" batteries.
MSRP: $29.99 | Amazon

Power Blox Line
The patented technology of the Power Bloxline consists of tin-plated blocks that connect to a battery block, powering electric component blocks. The plated blocks used in Power Blox allow you to seamlessly integrate electronic circuitry into your builds (aka no wires). 
Product: Power Blox Builds Plus Set with LED Light-Up Building Blocks 
Winner of Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award for 2017!
  • Stimulate young minds with creativity, imagination and science.
  • Light up your 3D circuits with our unique power block.
  • Patented Technology you won't find in any other toy brick set.
  • Use your own imagination to create awesome structures
  • Compatible with other toy brick sets
  • Enhance and bring lights to your other builds.
MSRP: $39.99 | Amazon

Story Blox Line
This line follows the adventures of Seymour and his robot Robyn as they investigate a mysterious light in the distant ocean horizon. The storybook includes QR codes that create an interactive learning environment using online resources. Models are built in several parts of the story, further enhancing the learning experience.

COMPLETE SET - Models are built in several parts of the story with the over 100 included parts, further enhancing the learning experience. Read a story, research using QR codes, and build 8 different models with this cool and amazing kit!
MSRP: $54.99 | Amazon

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