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You Will Love These Candy Slime Easter Surprises!

Every year my son would always look forward to local Easter egg hunts that were held in our local park and community.  It was a fun time to get outside and play and hunt for those surprise filled Easter eggs.  I remember one year he found two golden eggs and gave one to his cousin so they could both get a special surprise, which was a giant plush bunny.

When our town stopped having egg hunts, I started to have egg hunts in my backyard and inside my home for him.  It was nice because he wasn’t getting trampled by bigger kids and could take his time walking around and finding all of the special eggs the Easter bunny hid for him.

Foodie Surprise and Redwood Ventures have a couple of egg shaped surprise filled eggs that are ready for Easter baskets and for egg hunts, and I want to tell you a little about them!


Yolkies are large eggs that contain candy slime, a gummy yolk and a collectible little Yolkies toy character.  There are many different Yolkies to collect.  The slime candy and gummy yolk are so delicious!  I tried one and it had a delicious pineapple flavor.

Candy Slime Surprise Egg

These fun eggs contain candy slime and mystery candy mix-ins.  Kids love to mix slime and these eggs are so much fun and perfect for your little slime lovers.  There are different color eggs which contain different surprise slimes and mix-one, so you won’t know which you got until you open your eggs!

Check out my video review:

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