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5 Ways To Make A New House Feel Like A Home

Moving is a fun, but also time consuming and stressful situation. Everyone looks forward to the day when they close on their home and move their belongings in, but sometimes, if your house doesn’t feel like a home, it can be a pretty hard transition. There are countless numbers of checklists across the internet telling you what to do when you move into a new house, but I really think that creating a home really only takes a few steps. If you just moved into a new house and want to make it feel more like your home, make sure you incorporate these quick and easy tasks into your checklist:

5 Ways To Make A New House Feel Like A Home

Start from scratch
Sometimes, when you first buy a home, it can feel like someone else's. The old homeowners chose the carpet and paint colors and all of the small details. How do you fix this? Start with a blank plate and start from scratch! Figure out your budget and how to use that budget wisely, in order to make this house your own. A few ideas I have would be to redo the paint (inside especially, but outside is important, as well!), replace the carpets (who knows what has been on that carpet in the past - get new!), and maybe new countertops, backsplash, or appliances, if possible. Honestly, it just depends on your budget and overall preferences and goals, but think about what you can do to make it feel more ‘yours.’

Get it deep cleaned
This is a really important step, in my opinion, especially if you are having any renovations done. Who knows how clean the last homeowners really were! Instead of constantly questioning how clean the toilets or floors are (or even dishwasher!), so a deep clean yourself and also consider hiring out the deep clean to a professional cleaning company. This will ensure that everything is perfect before you move in and you won’t have to worry about how clean something is or is not.

Stock up on food
Stocking up on food is an easy step to cross off your to-do list and it will make you feel like you are home. When you have an empty fridge and kitchen, it is easy to go out, spending less time at your house. When you choose to cook in your home with food that you purchased from the grocery store, you are opting to spend more time there, which will help you when it comes to making your new house feel like a home.

Meet your neighbors and local businesses
Before I knew my neighbors at my current home, my home just felt like a house. Creating a community around you definitely helps you feel like you have found “your place” that you belong in. When I first move into a new house, as soon as we unpack, one of the first things I do is walk around my new neighborhood. Along the way, I try my best to introduce myself to new neighbors. Once you create friends, I guarantee that you will feel much more at home! If you are new to the area, definitely explore and find new coffee houses, restaurants and hole in the wall restaurants. This is a great way to fall in love with the location of your home. I know that this contradicts the ‘stock your fridge’ paragraph, but I think there are ways to balance it all, because both steps are equally as important.

Move in your furniture
Moving your furniture into your home (after any renovations have been done) is a huge step in the right direction! Once you have your bed and couches at your new place, you will automatically feel more comfortable. Sometimes for pets, it can be a really hard adjustment, but once they have some familiar surroundings, such as furniture and familiar scents, they adapt much better! This is the same for humans, especially for children. Occasionally when we move into a new home, the adjustment period is hard, but when we bring in our beds and blankets, it definitely makes it feel more “homey.” 

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There are so many ways to make your house feel like a home and although these are just a few tips, they will definitely help you move in with a sense of confidence and happiness. How do you make a new house feel like a home?