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Culinary Related Games and Resources for Adults and Kids

With more of us cooking at home, and snacking a bit more often out of boredom, has been offering smart resources for both adults and children to both educate and entertain us.  

Some of the tools available include:

Conversion Tools

The Ingredient Conversion tool helps to familiarize us with cooking at home and helps us to convert liters, grams, and gallons while emphasizing on healthy living.  Easily convert weight, temperature and measurements with their user friendly tools.

Health and Fitness Tools

Whether you are looking to lose weight, calculate body fat or covert workout calories, these links will help keep you on track easily.  

Use the Weight Loss Calculator to estimate how much you need to change your diet and exercise habits to achieve your weight loss goals.  

You can also use the Body Fat calculator to learn your Lean body mass (LBM), fat body mass (FBM), body fat percent and body classification.  This calculators is perfect for helping you reach weight loss goals and helps measure calories during workouts.  For more in depth workout calorie conversions, try the Workout Calorie calculator.  

Culinary Kid Games

Do your children love to help out in the kitchen? Maybe they’re master chefs in the making. has fun culinary related Kids Games.

These games are designed to help familiarize children with food related topics like farming, cooking, culinary arts and restaurant and hospitality careers.  There is no advertising or branding in the games.  They are mobile and desktop friendly.  All games open in a new tab to help your child focus.  One popular game on the site is Open Restaurant.  This game lets your child see what it’s like to work as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant.   Other games include:

I hope you enjoy this site and it’s useful tools  as much as I do and learn to be a better and more educated cook.  I also hope your children enjoy playing the fun games on the site while learning about hard work and important food facts that can keep them eating healthy.