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Don’t Plateau During COVID-19

With gyms being closed and people having to find different at-home workouts, many are scared to plateau. They fear their new adapted routines won’t give them the same results as the workout they do at the gym, and that their body will simply get used to the exercises they are now doing. There are a few different things you could do to avoid plateauing, keep moving, and see the results that you want your fitness journey to give.

A Routine
The most important thing you need to remember is to set a routine and stick to it. If you are constantly changing your workout time, it will be harder to stick to it. But if you pick a specific time and do your exercises daily at that hour, it will be easier to keep doing it on the long run. 8 a.m. is your best time? Do it then! Think what hour of the day is best for you, and plan according to your needs.

Creating a Plan
Another key thing when working out is to plan out exactly what you want to do: running, strength training, playing basketball, swimming, whatever you enjoy the most. Targeting your workouts is particularly important to avoid plateau. You would choose a specific area for each day and focus on that: upper body, lower body, core.

Diversify Your Workouts
You should try to work out for at least 30 minutes a day and always aim to diversify the exercises you are doing. Try different workouts; don’t be afraid to change if something isn’t working for you or you need to adjust it to your capabilities. It is particularly important to try something new every day and mix up what you have been doing. If last week you did strength training on Monday, you could try doing it on Wednesday and go swimming on Monday, instead. Keep things fresh, so you can stay motivated and you can continue to see progress in your body and improving your limitations.

Your Diet
Diets, like workouts, are specific to each person and what works for someone may not work for you. Everyone knows what is good for them and what is bad for them. I suggest you pick what you like–specially for breakfast, since it will start your day–and stick to the things that will keep you in track. Just like your exercises, you need to make sure you mix your diet up, that you are sticking to a specific routine, and that you aren’t skipping meals. Those little things will take you a long way in avoiding plateau and reaching your fitness goals.

The key in this situation is getting started and staying motivated. By diversifying your workouts, sticking to a routine, and mixing up your diet, it will be easier for you to see progress. Just because gyms aren’t open, it doesn’t mean you won’t see changes in your body and that you won’t reach all your goals.

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