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Get Ready for Sunmer Fun with Goliath

Summer fun is upon us and while summer camps will be cancelled, you can still have tons of outdoor fun with a little help from Goliath Games.

Zoom Ball Hydro

Get ready to splish splash your days away with Zoom Ball Hydro. Zoom Ball Hydro is the wet and wild version of our classic Zoom Ball. Zip the ball between you & a friend until the water balloon you loaded inside pops!

Crush-It Bat

Place an empty water bottle, pyramid of cups, or any target on a chair or bucket.

Swing the Crush-It Bat at the ball to knock out that target so the kids can move on to the next obstacle!

The Crush-It Bat is unlike any baseball bat you’ve ever seen! This bat is made of high-tension strings that can be adjusted to provide the perfect tension for a grand slam in your own backyard!