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Keep Your Family Internet Safe with Gryphon

It seems like every day we hear about cyber security breaches and hackers.  Since the corona pandemic, there has been an increase in predatory emails.  This Is very unsettling and a nightmare for anyone, especially for parents with young children who use the internet.  

Since kids screen time will increase 5x during COVID, a major concern for parents is keeping our children on safe and proper internet sites.

Here are some ways to keep your child safe online:

- Talk to your kids about the dangers of releasing too much info online
- Create a separate child account on your devices
- Use a content filter to block inappropriate websites
- Install a ‘child-safe’ internet browser

Gryphon WiFi router helps to keep kids safe online while providing parental controls.  It provides protection against phishing, hacking and malware attacks by blocking access to dangerous and fraudulent websites.  The router is easy to use and effective in protecting families with their all in one system which includes the router, connect app which helps to protect and let’s you control all of your WiFi connections with the Gryphon router.  

It gives me peace of mind knowing that my family is safer and protected with Gryphon.

Here are ways Gryphon helps to keep your family safe, while connected:

Powerful Mesh WiFi 

Monster WiFi coverage and lightning speeds to every connected device in your home no matter how many streaming, browsing, or gaming at the same time.  No WiFi dead zones or  data bottlenecks.

Internet Security System 

AI intrusion detection protects your connected devices with 24/7 monitoring (i.e. security system, cameras, speakers and doorbells) against hackers and intruders.  Malware filtering by ESET Technology.

Parental Control System 

Comprehensive protection for your children from dangerous websites and promotes healthy online activities with screen time management.

Simple Setup and Management 

You don’t need an advanced degree to run this powerful device.  Setup in minutes and manage your WiFi network from anywhere using a smartphone and the Gryphon Connect app.

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Visit Amazon to read their 1000+ positive reviews and to purchase.

Try the Gryphon router in your home risk-free for 90 days. If you don’t love it, send it back to receive a no questions asked refund. They will even cover the cost of return shipping!