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Your Favorite Blue Hedgehog Teams Up With UNICEF

Your Favorite Blue Hedgehog Teams Up With

Face waggles, dancing, and running really fast? That's our kind of workout! Sonic leads a super-speed workout session with every video watched helping feed a child in need

#SonicMovie X UNICEF Kid Power Up
With quarantines in place and kids cooped up at home, parents have been searching for ways to keep their little ones active and healthy, both physically and emotionally, in these unprecedented times. Unicef Kid Power is a free digital platform that uses interactive exercise and mindfulness videos designed to get kids moving and feeling empowered to take part in a good cause. For every 3-5 minute activity kids complete, they earn coins towards delivering food to kids in need all over the world, all through Unicef. Beyond charity donations, Kid Power allows kids to self-motivate to do good in the world, while staying healthy and active themselves!

In this initiative, the Sonic The Hedgehog film has partnered with Unicef on a “Super Speed” exercise video that combines physical fitness with an incredibly good cause that kids all around the world need now more than ever. This video will feature a teacher guiding his students in this exercise all while adhering to social distancing and having fun together while apart. Beyond serving as a timely and exciting PR push, this initiative presents the perfect opportunity for Sonic + kids to do some amazing things in the world, IRL.
What are UNICEF Kid Power Up videos?
UNICEF Kid Power Ups are FREE interactive videos to help kids feel energized and empowered. Videos range from upbeat dance and calming yoga, to providing emotional support and integrating social learning skills.
With UNICEF Kid Power, kids can stay healthy and active even while staying home!
What makes UNICEF Kid Power different?
Unlike any other streaming platform, UNICEF Kid Power Up videos empower kids to help save lives! When kids get active with UNICEF Kid Power, they unlock therapeutic food that is delivered to severely malnourished children around the world.
The UNICEF Kid Power program has helped save the lives of over 100,000 severely malnourished children around the world! This is a testament that with the right resources, like UNICEF Kid Power, we can make a lasting impact for kids around the globe AND empower kids in our own communities!
Power Up Video:

How Can I Sign Up?
UNICEF Kid Power 
On InstagramTwitter and Facebook@UNICEFKidPower

Check out the below Sonic work out sheet below, as well!