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Foodie Surprise Food Carts are So Much Fun

Foodie Surprise Food Cart toy that comes in different food themes. Unpack each of the different Food Carts from its adorable ‘to-go’ container.  Along the way, kids will discover a variety surprise ingredients and supplies that will let them create their own edible candy! 

These blind bag food cart toys help you to create delicious gummy treats.  It’s the world’s first candy making collectible.

The Foodie Surprise Food Carts are not only fun to play with and display, allow you to create your own fun and yummy gummy candy treats.  There are several different sets to collect, including the Banana Split set I received.


This cart is so adorable with its ice cream sandwich wheels and Banana Split body that comes apart like a puzzle with secret compartments that hold everything you need to make your own banana split gummies!

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Check out the fun gummies I made!  It was so fun to make and each element of gummy has its own unique flavor.  Cherry, vanilla, banana and other delicious gummy making flavors are all included in the box.  

About Foodie Surprise

What’s in your food cart? Create DIY yummy gummy treats with Foodie Surprise, the world’s 1st candy making collectible! Each Foodie Surprise set is full of magic ingredients and delicious recipes for creating your own custom gummy candy. Take your candy on the go with the adorable surprise themed collectible characters in each set!