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How to Access the Best of the Internet: A Guide

Have you ever wondered where memes that you see on Facebook come from? Or how certain internet materials achieve viral fame, while others languish with no views? If you’re somewhat of an internet addict, and you love unearthing new content, exciting information, and funny videos, this article is for you. Taking a deep dive into the depths of the internet, we’ll pull out some of the best places for you to access the very best of the internet – finding content to share with your friends before it goes viral.

Often called by fans ‘the front page of the internet’, Reddit has a special place in the heart of those who like to use the internet to dig up interesting facts, form communities with like-minded people, or simply be entertained when they log-in to surf the internet in the evening.

The community of Reddit is simply gigantic, and you find ‘sub-Reddits’ on everything and anything that you’re interested in. Indeed, you only need to search in the search bar for some of your passions to find communities of thousands of people who are sharing the content and the information that you love. These communities are also very welcoming, so it’ the perfect place to make some virtual buddies while you surf the internet.

There are millions of hours of videos uploaded to YouTube each month, which makes finding the good stuff somewhat tricky. Happily, there are ways to refine your searches and to find content that’s just making its way into the public eye on the video-sharing platform. You can search, for instance, for the ‘hottest’ new videos on YouTube, by using their search refinement function.

Meanwhile, the platform’s algorithms are also designed to help you find the content that you’re most interested in consuming on a daily and weekly basis. It’s therefore worth scrolling through these recommendations to see what it is that YouTube itself thinks that you like. You can dabble with these algorithms, by labeling videos, liking videos, and rejecting videos as you watch.

Blogs and Websites
Individuals and organizations are everywhere on the internet, and all of them are keen to show you what they’ve found in the depths of the world wide web. Some of these, like Viral Baby, are the perfect places to find news articles, videos, memes, and other viral content before they hit social media. Other places are specific and cater towards audiences who are interested in soccer, fairies, or US politics.

Whatever your passion, and wherever you like to search, you should always be on the lookout for new websites that cater to your interests. Try to bookmark URLs which provide you with interesting media and add them to your daily or weekly destinations when you surf the internet. It’s here that you’ll find the content that your friends haven’t yet seen.

Specific Communities
In the last twenty years, the internet has formed thousands, possibly millions of communities which offer support, acceptance and understanding to a wide range of people. You can find communities online for people who suffer from certain mental illnesses, or people who have been through specific experiences. You can find communities of mothers or fathers, coaches or teachers – anything you can imagine will have a community message board on the internet.

Why is this important? Well, for one, you’ll be able to communicate with like-minded people once you find these communities. They’ll make you feel accepted and part of a solid group online. Meanwhile, the content that these groups share will be targeted specifically at you, which will help you find more of the content that you love – from the mouths of those that you’re chatting with over the web.

News Media
Finally, if you’re someone who’s into global politics, current affairs, world events or news pieces, the internet is a treasure trove for your research and reading. There are hundreds of world-class media outlets on the internet, including some of the world’s best-respected newspapers and magazines, as well as independent media organizations which tend to focus on a political angle, or a specific type of news story which you may be most interested in.
So, to access the best of the news on the internet, it’s worth taking another comprehensive search through some of the world’s media channels, finding those publications and publishers that you find to be most interesting and reliable. Don’t be afraid to follow publishers whose views differ from your own – they’ll help you break out of your echo chamber, and find out new information you might be otherwise blinded to.

This short guide introduces you to some of the resources you can use to get the most out of the internet during your surfs online in the future.